Saturday, August 18, 2012

Life Path - Plotted Courses

Sometime between 7 and 8:00 p.m. last night, I was sitting on my patio cooling off in a nice sea breeze.  I happened to look up and see big white puffy clouds sailing gently across a darkening blue sky. Although the sun had set some time before and it was dark out, I could see pale orange lighting up the bottom of the clouds.  I almost laughed out loud because it was just that beautiful and amazing.  My whole day has been like this, filled with the surprises of nature.  I recalled earlier in the day how I had driven by the beach and in the morning, a bank of clouds had rolled in just big enough to cover the sun but not the whole of the sky.  I happened to look over at our wetlands from Pacific Coast Highway and was stunned again by visible streams of light spilling brightly to the ground from behind the clouds.  It was absolutely gorgeous and it just filled me with such joy.  As I sit here writing this morning, I realize just how much I'm grateful for.  We sometimes think this is a big cruel world.  The world is not cruel, it's only our emotions and the challenges that we face that make it seem so.  If we wanted to find a measure of peace, we could take an alternate vantage point from the one our ego most wants us to hold.  That primarily seems to be that people, pets and things are taken from us.  There is this long string of villains out there who victimize us and wreck our bliss.  What if there were no villains and their were no victims?  What if certain things occur just as planned and right on queue?

Unexpected things seem to happen in life all around us and we'd never truly know the path of another so how could we know that their leaving was planned, that it was about them and not you?  I don't mean to seem unfeeling or emotionless, I am far from that but what if all living things come here with a specifically plotted course and once the part of that course that includes interaction with you is completed, they move on whether that is to another part of this world or another part of existence, makes no difference.  We get angry when we cannot keep the people we think we need in our lives.  But, let's look at need for a moment.  Do you really need someone in your life?  What makes you think that you were not whole and complete when you came here with your own plotted course to complete?  Think you that you are so weak and powerless that you cannot make your own way in this world?  Think again.  You are powerful and you are amazing standing their on your own in the sunlight looking out at this world wondering how in the world you might handle it some days.  But, you will figure it out.  So many things lead us to think we are weak and powerless but that is only an illusion. The truth does not have to be so illusive.  We do not have to give our consent through fear, worry or anything else.  Stand in your own light knowing that you can.  It might be a little hard to learn how at first but once you find your light and then find your voice, you will find your purpose and you will learn to live.  When you learn to live, you'll realize that you don't need people the way you did before but you'll want them to be happy standing in their own light and using their own voice in whatever way pleases them.  You'll learn to love people and things enough to let them go, be and do the things away from you they must.  As people leave us, it creates the space for others to enter or even time for ourselves and we are worthy enough of our own focus during silent times and quiet times.

Somehow we have learned to mistakenly believe that we are made better or more whole by the presence of another in our physical worlds.  While its true that resonating light brings us joy, we can tap into that resonating light from many amazing and beautiful sources.  Respect for self and love for self teaches you that your own light is enough and resonance can be sought in a walk under the stars, a moment in the sun or imagining the people you love right inside of your heart.  We can create in ways we are not routinely taught.  You just sometimes need to open your mind and heart so the way to invite that love and light in becomes clear.  Believe me, it has nothing to do with holding people to you just so that you might not feel lonely or afraid.  We are all afraid sometimes but going deeper into the well of the amazing being that you are and finding the love inside of you will most definitely at some point dispel the fear.  Fear and love cannot co-habitate within your being at the same moment.  So, open up to love on a higher plane of existence and you will know peace.  And one more thing, at the level of the spirit, you are never for one second ever alone.  We are ALL here with you lending love and support ethereally.  Think you that does not matter or have a positive influence?  It does!  Trust me!  I think I'll go back outside and finish my coffee under the stars.  Its perfectly temperate outside just now and I love that moment when the light changes from dark of night to the light of morning.  It brings me great peace and it is that which I seek most in this moment.  ~Blessings of higher love and understanding dear ones.  You are amazing.  Don't ever forget how much you are loved.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart, (photo, random internet find)

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