Saturday, August 18, 2012

An Angel Takes Flight

The sky looks like a stained glass window to me tonight.  If you were standing in my shoes just now in this moment, you might understand just what it is that I mean.  Perhaps you already know in which case you understand that some times in life a breaking heart must be broken all the way...self-inflicted in fact.  There is no sooner way one can find their way to crawl back into their own light.  There are tough moments in life that need a great amount of tenderness, love and care to over come and I shall see to it that I give myself that and so much more.  The only thing I think that I am most certain of in this life is that every single person that we meet, we meet for one specific purpose.  That purpose is to learn about the true love inside of us for every other kind of love on this Earth fails and utterly, maddeningly and painfully so.  There is a reason for this, it forces you to grow, to reach far beyond your limited thinking, your self-limiting expectations and attachments and to reach out as well as in for the one thing that has been there for every step and every breath...Source and the love from Source.

I have always known great pain to be a great teacher.  Over the years I seem to understand just how this is so even more.  But through the pain, if we pay attention, we ultimately find love...true unadulterated pure and pristine love.  And love, wow, sometimes you have to love things and people enough to let them go...and go with your blessings, all of your hopes for them and all of your dreams for them.  Sometimes there is just no other way.  It is by far easier to love unconditionally like Source loves us than to ever attempt to possess someone and try to pass that off as love.  I think that I shall always love with all of my heart and all of my soul but I refuse to condition that love as I know that Source has never once conditioned that love for me.  I think I'm finished writing for a while.  I think this life has much more to teach me than I have been paying enough attention to truly recognize.  And, so, I may decide to go quieter while I figure a few things out the rest of the way.

Much love and light dearest souls.  Never fear the pain you encounter...realize its just another lesson to learn and you can love yourselves through it.  Be blessed.

P.S.  For a certain angel who has brought me so much, angel, you were always free to fly...go with my love and reach for the stars. Just don't look back...don't ever look free and love with all of your heart.   May the Universe bring you all of the stuff your deepest wishes and dreams are made of...Eternally.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate internet find)

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