Friday, August 3, 2012

Know Your Inner Guides

The thing that get's your goat, the thing that you rail most vehemently against is the one thing in life that shall become, if you let it, your greatest teacher and strongest impetus towards true healing. Don't miss the opportunity by staying in the shallow end of the pool. Dive deep within you and be courageous, be diligent and with loving kindness for your true loving self, seek the truest and most accurate understanding possible and do not settle until you find it. The world does not need more angry, wounded and hurt people...the world need those willing to stand up, seek the healing and understanding within and the energy you then emanate will create a loving space for those around you to do the same...thus bringing a needed change for the world. When one human understands and grasps the truth of a topic, that truth is shared by us all. 
Realize this, we have many inner guides seeking to impart wisdom deep into our consciousness all of the time.  We are not taught this and so sadly, miss very important messages from deep within us.  There are many facets to the phrase, "the answers are within us."  This is one of those facets.  It takes a brave soul to look within and understand truly, cleanly and honestly, his or her own triggers.  But, I promise you...if you set your intent towards understanding...if you stick to your conviction to find the places within begging for healing and understanding, you will find them and you will loosen the grip that fear and pain have locked you deep within.  Fear chokes and siphons off love as does pain.  Find the source, be unafraid to look at it with new understanding and you will heal.  There are many who can help you if you cannot do this on your own.  Psychology, spirituality, energy healing arts - these are all amazing tools to help you see what you think you might be missing.  Leave no stone unturned in your quest and you will know true love and ultimate healing.  Believe!
~Blessings of love, understanding, compassion and healing beautiful dreamers.
(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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