Thursday, August 16, 2012

Contemplation Under the Sky

So much am I feeling that my head is spinning.  Every now and then I catch a single thought and I try to focus but I cannot hold it just now.  So, I take myself out of this dwelling and I stand under a beautiful indigo sea filled with stars and I let that amazing view soothe my soul.  My mind wanders over the prior day, sweeping through words and visions and the things that I was called to participate in.  Revelations on so many accounts and I wonder when they'll slow and I can catch my breath again.  I stood for long moments under the sky again to compose myself from a sense of pure joy, love and bliss and what did I see but a sky filled as far as I could see with angel wing clouds.  They were so beautiful I stood there smiling and must have been quite a sight.  No matter, I create what I wish and in pure joy and love did I create a beautiful view of opalescent clouds crawling across cerulean blue.  Back to this day, I'm standing out under the stars, I see the angel wing clouds are still with me.  I see their silhouettes traveling across the stars in my field of vision.  In the spaces between the clouds, Jupiter rises slightly north east and I know soon Venus will follow and our glorious sun.  I shall relish her pure golden beauty this morning I know as sure as I stand here breathing.

There are times in life that you really must take stock in the beauty around you...see it and I mean really see it and look for the inspirational beauty in it.  There are some days that might be all you have to motivate yourself into a state of joy or bliss.  It's not easy some days but these were the states we were meant to create from...we cannot create beautifully from a place of boredom, complacency nor fear.  It's funny how we do not believe that we create at all.  We contend with limited words with multiple meanings implied, conveyed, twisted and thrown.  It's a strange world to learn to communicate within.  But, if you can learn to listen to your body's sensing system, coupled with what you see and hear, then there is no mistaking a message.  Our own challenge is that the ego circumvents our senses sometimes.  Finding time to let it gently fall away helps a great deal and is necessary for your ability to dispel even the smallest of illusions in life.  Illusion keeps you trapped in prisons you created from nothing but fear and pain from the seeming separation of Source.  But, the truth of that is you were never separated - you are always connected and all of us - these thoughts we are existing in the world designed to experience and further create - we are all one at the level of the spirit.  It's just at the physical level that we seem to be separate.

So, I ramble much this morning and must take leave.  My day begins in earnest and I have much to contemplate.  Well, actually, the thoughts are done being created, it's the making sense part that lays straight ahead on my path.  I shall take a day off for greater understanding tomorrow I think and feel the joy of pure existence because that is what I wish to create.  Have a beautiful day dear souls.  Enjoy the journey, appreciate the understanding it wishes to impart to you when you begin to awaken and become aware of so many messages out there waiting for you.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, beautiful random internet find)

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