Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I watched familiar constellations rise this morning shortly before the sun.  Jupiter was high in the sky and Venus soon followed.  It was so quiet and still, the coolness of the night bringing a wonderful contrast to yesterday's heat.  My thoughts went out to friends in the Southern U.S. and the challenges they will face today.  I've been praying for days Isaac spends his strength out over the gulf rather than upon making land-fall.  I know many others were working right along side of me.  I pray our efforts pay off and that our friends in the south are safe and bear through this storm with minimal effect.

There are always storms on multiple fronts in life but one of the beautiful things we do most definitely have the pleasure to enjoy is those who will stand beside us helping us even in thought to weather the storms we encounter.  At some level, there is nothing more important than throwing all of your heart and wishes into the strength of others in the hopes they make it through life's challenges.  We can't always help directly, nor can we interfere but we can hope the blows are not as painful and we can be there to help pick up the pieces if need be.

This world is filled with many a good soul and I see them fight every day to dispel the negativity, fight the adversity and manage the daily challenges of life.  I'm proud to stand with those who strive to make a beautiful difference in this world in thought, with prayers and in action.  We are truly all in this together.

It isn't only the most recent storm that weighs on my mind but the tragedies that strike all over the world.  At times our existence here on this planet is quite tenuous.  I think of our friends down south of the border here in California and the shaking ground they've had to contend with for quite a long time now.  How can one find a sense of comfort and security with the ground continually shaking under your feet?  My heart goes out to them.

The reality we often forget or take for granted is that we are on a giant rock, spinning on it's axis in orbit around the sun.   The core of our rock is molten and continuously churning and moving and the motion reaches the surface and conditions on the surface can create all manner of natural activity that can threaten life.  Then there is the wholly damaging man-made activity for one stupid reason or another and I just can't abide by that.  I don't believe in war, in greed or causing harm in this world.  In fact, I wish more that we find a way to bring comfort to those suffering at the very least if we cannot control Mother Nature, Shaking Ground, Volcanic Eruptions and ridiculous War and Violence. 

It's a challenging world that we live in and while we will not always see it's beauty nor appreciate our purpose and place in this space-time-existence, we can at least take comfort in knowing that there are those out there standing in thought or in spirit - there are those out there taking action to bring about change - and there are those who wish to soothe the pain.  Sometimes it may not seem to be enough but I'm grateful for hopeful and healing hearts!  ~Blessings of comfort, safety and strength to all of those facing challenges real or imagined.  May your God or Goddess watch over and protect you.  If it suits you, please join me in prayer and positive thought for those facing life and death situations today.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart, (photo, via google images)

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