Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jupiter and Venus

In the cool and dark of early morning I watched in awe as both Jupiter and Venus preceded the sun. Its first fiery rays touched my part of this Western sky and Jupiter slowly disappeared into the light and Venus shined her light ever so much brighter.  She looked like a mini star up in the vast morning sky.  I stood there until even she faded into the sun's light.  It reminded me of how in life, when we run across something whole and loving we seemingly fade right into it.  Our vibrations rise and rise until it matches the love before us and then we become one with the love and we raise our own light and our light combines with the light of others chasing away all forms of darkness.

Life is simply amazing in so many ways.  If you never look up into the sky, there is a rare beauty in the life incarnate here on Earth you will miss.  A strong, vast and silent beauty stretches up and out as far as the eyes can see and in those moments as we gaze up-- the energy of the beauty, majesty and stillness descends and can chase all of our worries away if we let it.  We are tiny and our worries even less so when compared with the beauty of the sky that goes on and on into infinity.  We are of the stars and we too go on and on into infinity.  We are powerful when loving, a miracle when open and deep when we let all of the fear fade away from us into the light.  It's important to find moments where you can leave your Earthly cares for a while.  Even 5 minutes at a time every now and then, to just gaze into something so much bigger than you are can put you and your existence into proper perspective.  We think we are so smart but our little selves know nothing compared to the vast knowledge our souls that remain connected to the all of everything holds.  The soul doesn't get riled up from watching another win, succeed or prevail.  The soul rejoices.  It is only the little self that has cause for worry and concern here on Earth. Yes, it's true there are things here that can hurt us but we can become aware, we can be mindful of where we place our steps and we can be selective concerning the stock we will put into certain thoughts that we ourselves have created.

Dig deep into the heart of you when next you gaze up at the sky.  Realize there is a part of you connected to all that you see.  Rejoice in this fact as it means truly that no matter how lonely you should ever become, we're all here with you and you are never alone. ~Blessings of love and light dearest souls.  May you find a measure of comfort and peace in your existence.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find).

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