Monday, August 20, 2012

A Beautiful Life

Standing under the stars feeling my way through my soul.  Pulling in the energy of the universe to soothe it.  Sometimes in the quiet and stillness a soul may come to know a great yearning from deep within and that yearning is simply for love.  But love, we never lose it or our connection to it.  We just seem to when some of life's tougher lessons come along to seemingly shake up our serenity.  I don't know...the only thought I can seem to think is that  I didn't come so far to throw it all away in a moment of weakness and nostalgia and I know that I must stop being so self-indulgent over a lesson of late.  It's time to breathe and deep.  Its time to think and deep.  Its time to feel and deep.  So I pause in the darkness and look up at the twinkling lights and each one flickers in time with my beating heart.  Each carrying a message and I can hear them - don't give up, don't give in, turn with in little one and find your wings, there is more to this than what you thought and time will tell...there are dreams to make and life plans to live.  Think not for one moment that you are not a part of us and that we are not part of you there always for an eternity, shining the light in the darkness.

I know it must sound silly but well, it's my quiet moment and I may take solace under the stars in which ever way I can to get the healing peace flowing within.  I'm incredibly grateful this morning.  For the past 18 months I have been in an accelerated set of life lessons that were intense beyond belief, beautiful immeasurably and filled my heart with wonder and joy for life in ways I never thought possible.  But after months of rapid learning to suddenly face the silence and stillness with maybe too much time to wander and let my mind meander through the many thoughts, visions and emotions vibrant and real beneath my skin, I'm at a loss for...well, I'll just leave it at that.  I have a few weeks to pull it together as a new path opens up for me and then, it's off racing in another direction with hopefully, greater understanding of life as a reward for my efforts.

I'm grateful this morning for angels incarnate.  I thought all of mine had gone and the words of one of them echoed through my mind, "you are never alone dearest."  Misty-eyed upon recall it's hard to type - but well, he was right. We are never alone and when the need is real and great, there are angels here to guide us and get us through the rough spots.  Thanks to my angels as I was surely in need of rescue and now here this morning under the stars, searching for strength and finding some, I see that I can do this - I can get through the wrapping up of the lessons learned.  I'm proud of my progress and grateful for every single soul who brought more definition to my thoughts, who shaped my love and my experience here.  It's been a beautiful journey and so, it shall continue - a beautiful life.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (Photo, beautiful random internet find)

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