Friday, August 31, 2012


If I could have one wish come true, there'd be a certain soul walking simply by my side, hand in hand taking in a view somewhere we'd much appreciate.  But wishes and dreams are sometimes for naught and well, it isn't necessarily a bitter thing that leaves a soul grieving.  Some times in our lives things are so impeccably perfect and we just have not learned how to see it.  So, well, instead my birthday wish is for the happiness of someone else and I placed that wish among the stars last night where they will be willingly retrieved with the next glance up under them from a soul far away.  And, so, I go about my day today with a smile and some emptiness within that is a beautiful thing.  For it is only that which is emptied entirely that can be truly filled.  I have emptied my soul in months gone by and it was a beautiful exercise - a true labor of love.  It did not make me smile always but it did give me great hope and a much greater sense of true soul purpose that my efforts would bring about change and a new desire for growth and learning from deep within my being.  I will stand under the full moon tonight, not as a lost lonely soul but one filled with hope, reinvigorated dreams, perhaps a tiny trace of sadness but with so much love.  The universe has promised to fill my soul and all I have to do is dream.  And, so, dream I shall every day never caring a bit if my feet never touch the Earth.  The skies are my home, the stars are my friends, the light and darkness the comfort and protection I most desire and the shadows, blessed beautiful shadows, they will point me from my precious starlight to new an interesting destinations and I, I will be more than glad to explore.  And, so, off I go.  Blessings for your journey!

(Photo - random internet find)

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