Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mastering Unexpected Stillness

Sometimes at various points in our lives, our sources of divine inspiration can seem to be cut off, antagonists appear to challenge your existence and every thing you think or feel seems out of place.  These are very normal parts of existence and the truth is, we create these breaks as a means to pause and consider the lessons learned.  The universe, in its infinite wisdom, will clear your path in unexpected and sometimes ungentle ways in order to give you what it is you really need and that may be a time of complete silence and stillness.  It is during such moments that the myriad thoughts, emotions and lessons coalesce into concrete concepts from which you may gain a measure of wisdom. 

Now, during such times you can decide to throw pitiful thought barriers onto your own path, you can allow yourself to feel like a victim, like "I'm all alone in the world" or wonder what is wrong with you but such thoughts are never the path to the truth.  Always are you surrounded, guided and assisted but sometimes that may be ethereally only and until you learn how to see, hear and understand with your otherworldly senses (which is part of the seeming desolation), it can feel quite uncomfortable.  Don't give in to feelings of despair as that only prolongs the agony and gives you so much more to work on.  Although it may be difficult, don't give into any feelings of desperation or depression either as these are choices we can sometimes feel inclined to make in the quiet times when the mind is processing all it has come to know.

Healing comes in the quiet stillness when nothing seems to be in motion and no words are seemingly spoken.  In such moments we are free to create from the wisdom we are, in fact, attaining.  It just takes a little patience, lots of calm confidence and assurance of your own ability to walk though periods of silence and know you will reach the other side of the seeming chasm of shadow.  Shadows don't always hold smoky specters and apparitions.  They also hold the stuff of our dreams as the truth is, it matters not where we are but what we think, believe and put emotion and energy into.  If you stand in a stark time and your dark thoughts arise and you embrace them as truth, you may encounter a very long and lonely walk for a time.  However, if you stand tall knowing your own light will serve to guide you through those seeming times of shadow, you'll realize this is just a time created by you to take a break from all of those things that came before.  We create what we most need in any particular moment in time.  I look back now at some of my own, very beautiful creations.  I have found everything I have ever searched for.  Thankfully, I held love enough deep inside of me to hold that which required holding and to gently let go of that which must always be free to fly. ~sigh~

Okay, enough of my morning rambling.  Time to gear up and get this day started with hope, faith and pure knowledge of love, light and my ability to master it - you hold these things too - go within and find them.  ~Blessings of love and light.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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