Thursday, September 13, 2012

Energy Observation

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The sun rises behind a rather thick bank of coastal clouds today and although I miss the pink and orange fiery rays of the rising sun, I find that I am grateful for the cooler temperatures the morning clouds bring forth.  I find lately that there is an abundance of stillness, silence and peace around me in contrast to an emerging swirl of new ideas and concepts.  There is still, deep within me, this sense of "something brewing" or "some form of change is on the wind for me" and there is an anxiety at the core.  I never cared for such feelings because they were the precursor to a time requiring an inordinate expense of energy.  I do not know from which direction or topic this new - whatever-it-is - will emerge or materialize and I attempt in this moment to steer my focus very far away from that. I often seem to shut down my ability to see the future because I don't find it helpful at all.  Some might think "but to see, you can prepare and make yourself ready."  But to me, I'd rather not know.  I do my best thinking in the heat of a moment when I'm challenged to quickly leaf through the files and filters of experience within my own mind and soul and intuitively choose a path at random out of the chaotic swirl of happenings within this dream.  Sometimes, those files and filters do nothing at all anyway but bring to light anxiety and fear and neither are a good place to work from anyway.  At least not when you seek a more fortunate outcome.

I decide in this moment to chalk it up to work stress and let it go with a breath under dark and cloudy skies.  I have much to contend with and nothing will get done properly from a state of anxiety and adrenaline producing thoughts.  I would much rather take a breath and let nebulous feelings go and escape into the ether with child-like wonder and meander through the stuff my dreams are made of.  It is a much more serene existence when you allow the mind it's freedom to roam where ever it is it might choose.  I shall engage in a bit more experimentation tonight.  Another visit back into the mystery of my own time line and see what revisiting might reveal to me in terms of questions I have and true answers I seek.  I do not know the outcome and I think that I'm really grateful.  The effort to experiment and explore in this life are often rewarded in ways we can't fully comprehend until some time later on.

Perhaps I shall write more of the experiment later.  That is, if I return with any results for my efforts. It's funny in a way, this feeling.  I stand here peacefully breathing and I feel this powerful energy swirling about me.  It's nearly palpable physically and yet I am untouched by it but am observing it.  I do not know what it portends and am still unsure that I wish to know at all.  I recall a near similar feeling from early yesterday morning while sitting in my supervisor's office.  I was trying to speak when an overwhelming presence struck me that I felt to the core of my being.  I was immersed completely within this energy almost as if it had wrapped itself around me and then all at once, I heard it...a single deep, rich and beautiful tone.  While I somehow maintained my ability for dual focus on the within and without, I queried it's source as it lifted me up to the beginning stages of bliss.  I relaxed and breathed it in and reasserted my query of origins and it intensified mere moments as if to say, "I am here, be not afraid and I am always with you."  I sensed then a tinge of sadness in this presence and sent loving thoughts to it and with that sentiment it left me as quickly as it came.  You'd be shocked if I told you how often this occurs and how I can tell the tones belong to different souls both incarnate and not.  To be aware of your energy sensitivity and know that at that moment a soul that knows you is reaching out with thoughts of love or just thinking about you is quite a beautiful and yet also a puzzling experience.  I have verified the essence of these energy visitations more times than I can count and so have come to trust them as validated.  This presence was one that I was familiar with but the tone had deepened since last I felt it.  I do not know what this means but I pray that whoever it is that they know that I noticed and acknowledged them fully.

When you can find and breathe in the quiet and still moments of life, you'd be amazed at what the inner world can bring you.  Surrounded both physically and not with beautiful loving souls, I find that mostly I am gratefully at peace and shall pray that I will remain so this day.  ~Blessings for your journey of discovery in the lives that are you this time around dear souls.  Enjoy every step as you traverse this Earth.  May good tidings bring you happily home to the core of the loving you!

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