Friday, September 14, 2012

The Dream

The clouds float across the dark sky
Like strange creatures swimming
Through an ethereal sea
Twinkling lights from far away suns
Soothe my soul in ways I can't define
The descending darkness has lifted
The soul wrenching ache has gone
Its amazing how understanding something more fully
Can chase all of the pain away
The silence and stillness
Great friends of mine
They stood by every step of this journey
Calling me back from the brink every time
Making sure I explored every nuance in thought
Every ripple of emotion
Until that moment everything disappeared
And I found myself standing on the shores of Elsewhere
I prayed the Sea of Memories
Would take all mine away
It wouldn't and I couldn't
There are some things that shall remain with me always
My memories and the love woven through them so beautifully
Life can surely seem a challenge at times
But I've learned its worth every step
Every seeming heart break is a gift
It helps you understand much better
Your chosen place within this world
Our creations so good, so real seeming in existence
Require our focus in order to exist
But when you let them drop away in love
Set them free on invisible wings
The breeze left in their wake
Is actually refreshing
So it is, alone I stand
Under this dark sea of stars this morning
A brand new day dawns as the planets precede the sun
The heat will dissipate all of the cold places
And my heart will continue its beating
And I've finally caught my breath again
I shall carry within me now a new vision
Of life, and of love, and maybe some day
The dream

(c) August 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, beautiful random internet find)

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