Sunday, September 2, 2012

You Are Home

There is no amazing place we journey to find one day and then we can relax, be happy and finally know that all is well. All is well right here and right now. The journey is the destination. If the past is gone and only its wisdom can be retrieved and there is never a guarantee that tomorrow will ever come, our energy is best spent being here now, in the present, appreciating that we have all we need. Enjoy the lives you have created - this is the point and purpose of this endeavor we call life incarnate. Be grateful for your existence and the facets of love you are learning to grasp - you really are quite amazing miracles.

We always seem to be seeking some fulfillment from somewhere, through something or through someone.  But no place, thing or person can ever fill you up.  Only you can do that, only you have that power and only you truly know where within you that you truly need filling.  There are indications all around us of people in pain, people lost, people in misery, people manipulating people to get what they want as if there isn't enough to go around of anything.  We misplace our efforts in pursuing things external to ourselves.  Now, it is necessary in this frame work at this time to work and earn money to put a roof over your head and food in the pantry (at least in my part of the planet) but I'm not talking about those things.  There is this need within us for love, for understanding and acknowledgement and we pursue that through manipulation of external sources but it is squandered energy even on your best day because nothing external to you will ever have the long-lasting effect that you truly need.  You will always be moving to this or that to get that quick fix high of love or attention and at the end of the day it will always leave you empty and your soul longing for something more.   That is, until you realize it is you who has disconnected yourself from the true long lasting love of Creation, Source, the Universe, God, Goddess or whatever other term that pleases you.

You  have the keys inside of you to find that love and reconnect to the inflow of love from everything.  Its a stretch to come to this understanding I realize and much of my words this morning will be lost on most.  However, I once was one of those souls reading the answers to my unasked questions in words that were completely lost on me and I continued my seeking and searching in places and faces, activities and dreams only to come back to those words echoing like some ghostly sound from far away in time.  But I began to tune in as those words planted seeds and I began to test those words in my life and then suddenly I realized "the path" is me.  "The Path" is you.  You are what you are seeking.  So, go then - but not somewhere,, to something or someone - go within.  I know it sounds crazy but explore every single thought you have, trace its origins and resulting feelings...test them so you may discern provisional truth and assumption from THE truth and then one day you will be standing where I am.  You will have come home to the realization that you never left home and there was nothing to find that you didn't already have inside of you all along and love?  Love is always there waiting for you to receive it.  So then, receive it.

(photo - fortunate google find)

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