Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Empty Moments

I have some solar orbs in my garden.  They are beautiful to look at in the daylight - crushed colored glass in dark blue, light blue, green and orange. They charge up all day in the glorious sunlight and at night they glow and slowly change into deep and rich rainbow colors.  Last night I sat outside  near my garden and I just watched the colors of the orbs change in the darkness and I listened to the sound of the crickets over a backdrop of city hum.  It was quite peaceful and beautiful sitting out there quietly contemplating existence and occurrences of late.  It's a favorite past-time, sitting quietly under an indigo sky filled with and infinite volume of twinkling stars and nothing but the sea breeze and crickets to keep me company.  It was a beautiful moment that might seem mundane, empty and boring to others but I assure you, it was anything but that.

Life fills our minds with so much chatter.  The little voice must label everything it takes in, judge and properly store things somewhere in the archives of the mind.  To sit in a state of complete emptiness, not making a sound, finding a way to just be without the labeling, well, its so peaceful that I often crave it.  Again this morning I stepped out under a black sky filled with a sea of stars and was amazed that I saw not one but 3 shooting stars.  Of course I made some wishes as I sat there and just drank in the sheer bliss of the quiet and cool of very early morning.  Would that I had the time, a walk on the beach might have been even more perfect but I can always go there in my mind.  My memories of the ocean, her sounds, her power and energy are so very abundant in my memories. So, I closed my eyes right then and there and pulled out a memory of my last visit adding even more depth and beauty to a single and simple moment in time.  The bliss that ensued nearly brought me to tears.

We need quiet moments sometimes to still the mind, the wishing and dreaming and just exist with nothing but a gorgeous sky, nothing but a temperate breeze and nothing but the love and pure gratitude of existence inside.  It restores a soul in ways I can't really define in this medium.  It's just something one has to experience.  In those moments when we pull everything away, you are left with nothing but you and the Source of your being.  There truly are no finer moments and I treasure them immensely.  So, I've promises to keep and responsibilities to fulfill today and I'm about to be off to them.  I'll take these precious quiet moments with me into my day today and pull them out as necessary when the day gets too hectic.  We are amazing creatures in that we have this ability to pull moments from the recesses of our minds and relive them.  It's a beautiful and amazing thing.  One more thing before I go, an expression of sincere gratitude, once again, to ESP who in a moment facilitated an answering of a prayer.  Thank you dear soul for being there, for everything you are and all that you do. I appreciate your friendship immensely.  Namaste!  ~Blessings of love and light dear souls.  May you journey peacefully this day and with great purpose. :)

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