Saturday, September 15, 2012

Motion and Growth

I could probably say this a thousand times and every time the sentiment would still run as deep.  This world is such an amazing place.  Life can seem so very difficult at times, I know.  But consider something you may not have considered before, the things occurring in your lives are ultimately for your greater good in some way.  It may not seem so at times when you are trying to see with the tears of pain, frustration and anguish in your eyes but know that when the emotion fades and the heart has had a little time to heal, you will see the truth if you but open to it.  In life there are often phases of "clearing away."  These phases serve a great purpose.  Sometimes people and situations you have grown fond of and quite comfortable with must be cleared away to free up your energy and focus to bring in new energy and situations that are for your ultimate higher good. 

When you find yourselves is such a place of clearing, find the courage within to let go with love, let go with curiosity and let go knowing that you are able to stand and accept with grace those things that are coming to you.  Realize that although at times you may find yourselves lonely and feeling the effects of loss and change, you have a divine ability to create in your world and sometimes your creations must be set free to fly, to move and grow and when you let go, you may face a time of sadness and a seeming stasis sense of life around you.  Know that everything is always in motion, even you.  You're standing on a hunk of rock that spins on its axis at approximately just over 1,000 miles per hour (if you are on or near the equator) and while it spins, it is orbiting the sun at over 33,000 miles per hour (realizing many adjustments for elliptical versus circular orbit and many other variables and modifications).  Everything is moving, changing, growing, shedding, and regenerating.  Nothing ever stays the same.  This is not necessarily a bad thing although it can, at times, be quite painful.

Use moments of beauty and inspiration to soothe your soul until those things intended to manifest within your sphere of existence, manifest.  Find uplifting things to do, study, create and do things that feel good until the moments of emotional difficulty pass.  Embrace the change that comes because new things, people and situations can bring you the stuff of your deepest and most beautiful dreams.  Stand tall, curious and courageous beautiful dreamers and know that Source always provides an abundance of grace from which you can accept your fate and pursue your truest dreams.  Life is ultimately good even with all of its changing and shifting with people coming and going and the emotions swirling and turning within. ~Blessings of love, peace and higher wisdom dearest souls.

(c) 9/12 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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