Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Judgement Unaware

Judgement is such a funny thing.  We dispense it with each other all of the time creating prejudice and division, entertaining the good or the bad and labeling others as such.  However, are we truly capable of judging another or their path really?  I question our ability to judge because I know human beings.  We are each like a circle and depending on our interaction with other aspects of other circles, we can only know one or two degrees of each other at any one time.  We cannot judge someone as wholly bad or wrong because of one degree of their persona that we have come to know and yet we do it without much understanding.  We cannot really escape judgement, I think, here in this frame because we have attached to each of us an ego that by its very nature compares, contrasts, tries, judges and condemns others on auto pilot.  While I am aware of this fact, I am also aware of the fact that I may judge a person's behavior that I experience as bad or wrong but I also know that I cannot see the whole of another person, nor can I see his path.  If I were to wholly condemn someone because of our interactions, I'm really creating negative energy for myself.

Having said that, are their certain people I refuse to hand out with?  Oh yes, absolutely the truth because something in me ignites certain behavior within them that when combined, creates a wholly draining energetic experience and vice versa.  But, I have learned that it is not my place to judge them as a good person or a bad person.  There are just those that we run across that we negatively react to and those we run across that we wholly resonate with.  I think that those we react the strongest too actually give us a unique opportunity to figure out where our buttons are hidden.  If we can find what really pushes our own buttons, we can seek to understand why those buttons exist and if they exist due to assumption and unhealed pain, we can dig a little deeper, seek to understand and perhaps, heal the pain, removing the button.  Then, if we should run into the person who once got under our skin or others like them, we don't have to create the same negative energy reaction.  We can learn to live and let live.

In my view, I know there is much I do not know.  But, I know that Source sees all, understands all and loves all of creation.  Who am I to judge another of Source's creations?  Going back to my original thought, I am incapable of judging another as a good person or bad person.  I am, however, very capable of discerning which interactions I prefer and don't and will behave accordingly.  I have a very busy life with lots of responsibility.  I will not tolerate emotional manipulators or energy vampires.  I try not to judge people and this is a fact, however, if people manipulate me for energy, I am quickly done.  Many of these folks are quite fine individuals who have made choices I would not make and they are at various levels of awareness in this world.  But, I will exert my right to choose who I will participate with and who I won't.  I don't care for negative energy, drama for drama's sake and people who attempt to steal from me what I would willingly give if they would just learn some more amenable behaviors or honesty and direct communication perhaps.  I also will not tolerate those who lay unspoken and not-agreed to be me, expectations upon me.  While it's true that I hold those in my inner circle to higher standards, I do my best to live up to my own standards.  I love and hold compassion for all souls at a basic level because I truly believe that we are one.  But I am not above anger, frustration and wanting to steer clear of certain people and that is my right.  Likewise, I can totally respect and appreciate those who might wish to steer clear of me.

I have a rather unusual effect on people.  Unwittingly, I intend to expose the wounds and weaknesses of others rather quickly.  These wounds and weaknesses are escalated rather quickly when I refuse to engage in the typical unaware control dramas (read James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy).  I do attempt always to deal with everyone with love and respect but when you expose people's wounds and weaknesses, they tend to react rather poorly.  Vengeance is often a first tool to fight.  I do not intend to cause harm.  In fact, I'm here for the opposite reason.  I mend souls through shining light in the dark places they may not be aware that exist within them.  Some folks cry out for love and help.  Sometimes acknowledging them is enough, forgiving them is enough and walking away while holding nothing but compassion is the best and kindest thing that you can do.  Hurting a wounded soul by putting them in their place is not helpful.  Not really.  No one benefits.  Not you, not them period.  I think that is why understanding that we all have wounds and weaknesses is key.  Knowing we all have egos more prone to react from triggers is important.  Understanding even better how to assess and respond to a situation with others is absolutely priceless.  Realize we do not know everything about everyone.  We barely know ourselves until we put forth a concerted effort to learn and we cannot learn by accepting how the outside world defines us.

The point of this article is to create understanding, to make you aware that judgment is inevitable but you can achieve greater understanding circumventing inappropriate or uncalled for reactions and that you have the right to participate in what you choose to and to disengage from what you do not wish to participate in.  See people for who they are and don't expect an angry and wounded soul to act like they are perfect and wonderful.  Let them be who they are and you can make choices accordingly.  We cannot change each other.  Judgement will never get you there.  However, understanding the framework within which you move and interact will bring you greater understanding and much more peace as you move through your life.  ~Blessings of great love, higher wisdom and much light.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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