Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dissipating Gravity

Prolific purple flowers fill my field of vision and I, I find a small space in my little garden to sit so happy after a long Summer season.  "It's done," I think quietly to myself amazed at the journey that's brought me to this point.  You don't necessarily understand the depth and breadth of lessons as you are making your way through them.  But later, when you've gained a fair amount of distance between you and significant moments in your life, many things can appear suddenly that you just weren't aware of.  I look back at this year, in particular, and I see humongous life lessons that I faced and managed...maybe not so well, but I managed them.  The effects are still felt so deeply within my soul that I cannot even begin to articulate them.  Certain lessons seem to have their own gravity and the memories of the heart orbits for a while until it can gently release into pure pristine freedom and it comes.  It just takes some time and patience but it comes, freedom comes.

I learned in this year so far, where nearly every one of my weak spots existed and although I'm grateful, I'm tired.  I plan to use the energy of this beautiful Fall season to let the rest of the gravity responding elements fall so I can breathe freely again.  Heart break is not so terrible to recover from when you can bravely search out the assumptions you have made, have courage to dig deeply into the true core and then understand yourself...understand others and love all, including self, enough to let go in pure love and light.  Forgiveness comes where forgiveness is needed and in time the echoes of pain and the tracks of all those tears are washed away to be replaced by gratitude for beautiful lessons learned.

I say it all the time and I always will, life is amazing.  Every connection made has purpose and everything we go through is not wasted time ever because every single thing in life matters and matters much.  Hearts mend, dreams can be recreated and lives lived with fresh eyes and child-like wonder if we just commit to making it so.  And, so, I do.  I commit to clearing my vision, clearing my heart of all traces of regret and pain, clearing my mind of memories, clearing my energy of unnecessary traces of gravity that held me to a path that was no longer helpful for me and.  Tough things happen in life but we are not victims.  We create our lessons perfectly so that we may learn and grow.  Growing pains - yeah, they can be tough but worth it in the end.  Whatever it is you are learning just now, the pain can actually be your guide. Give yourselves space to breathe and think.  Certain situations can create unnecessary gravity with which you may actually be torturing yourself.  Find your own light and stand firmly within it knowing full well that you'll get the lesson and move past the tough stuff into a time of greater understanding.  Believe it until you make it so and then believe no more as you reap the beauty of wisdom from your experience.  ~Blessings of comfort, love and light beautiful dreamers.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo/words).

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