Saturday, November 10, 2012

We Dream

Ethereal awakenings gently dissolve
The illusions once held as truth
We fly so free whenever we allow it
So long as we are willing to let go
The fact that these illusions are so good
Should serve as a testament to your divinity
Grand creations have you made
And do you daily participate in
That's the way it was designed collectively
Do not fear it or take it apart
It was meant to enjoy
You were created to master this dream
So dream beautiful dreamers
May Source bless your visions
And bring your heart and soul
The truest of understandings
May compassion light your way
And love create sure footing
You are blessed in your dreams dear souls
Treasure them, believe in them
Now live them
Time knows no season
True reason holds no lies
Through the ages we struggle
And try to come to terms
With the same old story
Through every generation
We live and breathe
As if for the first time
With no thought to the collective
Of minds and souls who existed before us
Their wisdom questioned
Their ignorance embraced
As we stay close to the superficial
As if it were the true prize
What they learned thousands of years ago
Is alive breathing and beating within us
The true Source of all of existence
Pulses within us with each step we take
And we take it all right, for granted until
We learn to let go of our precious paradigms of thought
And egotistical machinations that just can't satisfy
Until we are lost and broken
And the only way clear is within
Even then we hesitate
Not sure if we can find our way in the darkness
We created within our own minds and souls
But if we can be courageous
Seek the light that resides at the heart of us
We can unlock the mysteries of the all of everything
If only because we are that and more
And so we go
Hearts beating
Time fleeting
We dream

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo is a very fortunate, beautiful random internet find)

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