Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Change on the Wind

There will come a time during your journey of live where all the things you did before, no longer work and things go wrong no matter how hard you try.  Its so very difficult in such moments to hold even a shred of a positive thought.  However, realize something very important...when you are in the wrong place and you are doing the wrong things, the Universe in its infinite wisdom will make things increasingly more uncomfortable for you until you find a way to make a change.  We don't like it much when change is forced upon us but that is usually the next step if we resist voluntary change when the discomfort begins to increase.  Sometimes you have to sit back, be very open and see what part of the path needs a twist or a turn - or a new direction altogether.  As I said, it is no easy thing and it can be down right painful.  But, take heart.  Everything happens for good reason even though you cannot see from a painfully emotional vantage point.  Trust in the plan, hold out your hope and stay open to something better, brighter and different.  Things will change and as you gravitate towards a new direction, hold courage, grace and the strength to see you through it.  You will get through it and don't fear the tears that may fall.  Just let them.  Breathe deep and do your best, try your best and realize that even if you cannot see the outcome now, some day you will look back at this moment and be glad for a change in direction whether adhered to voluntarily or whether it was forced upon you.

Change is always ultimately good for us even though we don't have enough facts and details to make that determination when we embark upon the road to change.  If everything always remained the same, we would never grow.  I resign myself to these thoughts this evening as I sit here in the quiet and dark after a very difficult day.  Times are changing and I can taste impending change on the wind.  It comes and I will stop resisting what must be.  I patiently await the light to shine in this new direction whenever or where ever it is that may materialize.  I am open to it, ready to embrace it and even if with just a bit of trepidation, I look forward to the changes that I know and feel are coming.  I just trust that it will be perfect and so, it will be.  Blessings of hope, courage and strength for your journey beautiful dreamers.  I wish you the very best always.

This song is a good one for change...thought I'd share a video rather than a picture this time. :)  Enjoy!

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