Saturday, November 24, 2012

Soul Groups

You each come here with no less than one thousand souls within your soul group.  No one truly comes alone into incarnation.  Especially not to the Earth school.  You are in need of those members of your soul group who will cross your paths at just the perfect moment as agreed.  To intimate that your soul group is there to assist with your lessons is an understatement of the epic variety.  Your soul group knows what you have come for and at the appointed hour each will come forth to interact as you had planned.  You will know these souls by that sensation of resonating knowing - that look deeply into their eyes that sends forth a deep resonating within your soul.  Think not that all such interactions will seem loving and pleasant in your Earthly reality for in fact some of those interactions will seem quite vexatious to you.  Know, though, that every single interaction with these deeply resonating souls comes from the purest place of love that is.  In a way, you are all extensions of each other and you will come together to support each other, love each other and facilitate those learnings you  most wished to attempt to gain full awareness of in this frame work.  Some will help you remember who you are and their methods may not all be to your liking but indeed they are perfect, perfect for you.

Each of you is an extension of the thought that emanated from Source.  You come with the free will to choose the paths upon your arrival and you will perfectly live out your life of love and learning regardless of what it is that you do.  You wish to perfect aspects of your soul and through the interactions of those of your soul group, your soul will become beautifully etched in the rich knowledge that your soul group brings forth from a pure state of love.  Not all will be conscious of the message that they bring forth and neither will you.  However, something within your own soul will become more and more awakened as you interact with each member of your soul group.  Whether pleasant, loving and supportive or seemingly unpleasant, unloving and destructive, it was your soul's desire to learn, understand and transcend the density of thought and emotion in this place that brought them to you.  It is not a design of reward or punishment as you might think in your foggy state of not quite yet knowing who it is you truly are.  It is a matter of cause and opportunity for effect.  Participate in interactions as you so feel ready and able to participate.  Choose to move on from those whom you have learned all that you can possibly know.  Love and respect all who have come forth as was agreed to long before you came and know that no matter the interaction that takes place, it was divinely orchestrated by you.  Consider each soul you encounter as an emissary of the Source and treat them accordingly.  Be strong where you find you have grown weak.  Shine brighter where you find you have grown strong.  Seek meaning and understanding in all interactions in the absence of egotistical Earthly blindness.  That blindness is only a temporary state or condition until you learn who it is you truly are and then you will begin to see the loving light in all your endeavors of human interaction.

Trust that you have established a good and valid plan for your life experience here.  Trust that you will love, grow and understand those things you most sought to learn for your brief incarnation here.  Believe in your own ability to withstand, understand and reach much farther than the limited set of beliefs you hold in a state of unknowing.  Your soul knows your intent and will bring you the experience you seek to facilitate your own return to your authentic being.  Through it all, you are so guided by love and light.  Even in those times you feel most alone, know how absolutely loved and guided you truly are.  When most you are in need of physical support in the dream realm of Earth, know that when you have completed your solitary times designed for understanding and gentleness, another member of your soul group will soon come along and help you crystalize your understanding.  All is perfect and as it should be.  The only thing not yet perfected is your love, compassion and understanding of this frame work.  It will come in due time, in perfect time beautiful soulss.  Have faith in your own plan and your ability to meet your every milestone and goal.  You are succeeding and will not fail.  In love and light do we send you this message.  You are blessed with the grace, the strength and the means to make your lives meaningful, loving and so perfect. ~  COL ~.

(Note: Channeled as a message for all. There is only love.  Please share as you feel compelled to do so).  The photo included is not mine but a beautiful random internet find.

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