Wednesday, November 14, 2012

There is No Sin But Illusion

I love the cooler temperatures of late.  The much cooler November skies always seem to hold the richest colors in deepest cerulean blue, the brightest golden orange and pink sunsets and the most beautiful clouds I've ever seen.  At night, the coolness creates a depth to my view of the stars and sends me right back to childhood.  I was always a lover of the sky and especially the stars at night.  I'm not sure why other than maybe, perhaps, it is the powerful energies of silence and stillness that always seem to be in abundance this time of year.  With all the worries and cares of this world, there is nothing more beautiful and serene than standing still and just sky gazing.  Life here on Earth can seem frenetic and chaotic with the masses running about working out their life lessons not realizing its all about shaping our psychology away from the ego and back to a place deep within the soul that always remains at peace.  Tapping into that amidst the chaotic swirl of our normal human activity finds you retrieving your own well of love and peace that truly is in a never ending supply.  But, there is a catch or well, rather, a trick to fully comprehending its beautiful existence.  That is, simply, adjusting your thoughts and setting your intent to be open to it.

There are those souls in this world so twisted, torn and damaged from pain and assumptions on the inside that they seem to go on and on for hours and days and years even with no clue that the love they seek and the peace they most desire is right inside of them.  Instead they flock to anything light with the sole intent of possession, obsession which ultimately serves only to destroy - no, not the object of their misguided affection but themselves.  We hold the tools, the keys and the power to heal if only we would understand it is a choice.  In every moment and in every design of human interaction we may choose the darkness or the light.  If you see nothing but victims and villains and a terrifying and terrible world that you are charged or so-punished to live within, it will be hard for you to see but you have chosen fear and darkness.  It is understandable.  It happens to the best of us a time or two or even three.  However, no one can save us but ourselves.  The Source of the Universe is there generating and emanating pure love and light we need only turn our attention to in order to begin to feel, engage the freedom of healing and wielding love instead of hatred or psychological projection and transference.  No matter which side of that line that you stand on, know that you have the power always to choose the darkness or the light.  If you see only darkness and shadows, shift your gaze -  make some positive changes so that the energy that gathers behind your emotion magnetizes more loving light, energy and positivity to you.  For those standing in the light, be not deterred by your brothers and sisters who have either intentionally or unwittingly chosen the darkness and fear.  Instead, understand.

A Course In Miracles describes the evidenced choices of victims and villains and all the subsequent and seemingly hurtful actions of such souls as a cry for help and a cry for love.  Incredulous as this might make you to might be the one called to give assistance to someone who attempts to steal your light through attempting to wage emotional battle with you.  Know that this does not mean that you are called to stand there and subject yourself to emotional and physical punishment from the mortally emotionally wounded.  There is a simple approach that you may take as you then remove yourself to a brighter proximity until the soul can make his or her choice or you can stand strong enough yourself to know the truth therefore being unaffected by the dark choices of others - remind them they have not sinned and any grievance they seemed to engage you with was born only of illusion.  Based on this fact, you can then issue forgiveness knowing the seeming transgression against you and any resulting pain was truly born of only illusion - this seeming war the souls who need help engage in.  You may let them know, in some way - you have not sinned - it was only an illusion and you are forgiven and loved.  Such actions and thoughts will issue forth a reminder that will provide by far more assistance than engaging in battle with them. It may not be physically safe to engage in this discussion face to face and so the same affect can be felt if you set aside quiet time and direct these thoughts instead of angry and hurtful feelings at a wounded soul.  A soul in pain will see threats where none exists and they will act as if the nearest thing or person to them is the cause of their discomfort despite a life time of taking on unhealed pain up to that point their paths crossed yours.  Understand and hold compassion...understand and hold forgiveness and realize yourself the choices you are making and have made.  There is no sin, there is only action and consequence born from an ego either healthy or not healthy within a mind that is either whole or seemingly made through pain to be not whole at all.  Battling the mortally emotionally wounded makes no sense, nor does standing continually in harm's way.  Find the love within to bless and forgive them and go about your business in love and light.  For those making dark choices you have always hope.  There is no sin that you have engaged in that takes you away from the loving light of Source.  It's only your jaded minds that have brought you these thoughts.  Every soul is connected to the One, therefore, every soul is love and light.  The only difference is the choices we make, the thoughts we hold and the perceptions we consider truth based on the experiences we have.  If you think yourself for a moment unworthy, again, you have not sinned.  If you believe yourself unworthy - it is you who will create things and situations to reflect your thoughts and feelings of unworthiness.  You are never unworthy so stop those thoughts at once.  Let go of the past pain that jades you - seek assistance to do this if you must but do not stand in the darkness wishing for the light or attempting to possess it from outside of yourself.  The light is within you the moment you find you are worthy to stand within it and allow healing to come and then shift all of your actions towards loving light.  Know that it is only your thoughts that need adjusting, your hearts and souls need mending and then you too can return to the light of love and seemingly sin no more.

I wish no soul on this planet had ever been harmed by another soul mired in dark choices.  I wish all could immediately return to the light but, you see, that IS the journey - to return to the light and the choices you make will bring you there or block you from it.  You hold the tools and the power.  You really do.  Blessings of great love and light all souls.  May you find the light within, feel the love freely flowing there, find the healing for all of your life's wounds and walk in the light for the rest of your days here.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random and yet so beautiful internet find)

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