Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blissful Moment

The sun was well placed above the horizon as I made my way to the coast.  The air was cool but not unpleasantly so.  The parking Gods smiled upon me leaving me the perfect spot.  So, I parked the car and went for a walk.  Such beautiful sunlight casting dancing streams of light onto the surface of the ocean did I visually embrace with everything in me.  I watched the ocean move and sparkle for moments on end, so still, completely silent was I in awe and appreciation.  I closed my eyes and felt the sun's rays, so warm.  I listened for the gentle hiss as the waves lapped the shore line and the gulls cry in search of stray Cheetos.  I love the late fall and winter time walks on the beach. The tourists have all gone and only the locals come out to play on holidays.  I noticed that people seemed happier today than normal.  Having a day off of work will do that to a soul but even more than that, something else seemed to be pushing them along.  Perhaps the challenges of the negative press from an election year coupled with financial crisis after financial crisis, falling statistics where it hurts and rising statistics where it hurts worse forced them into complete mental pause to enjoy the holiday more fully.  I gave up on the news a long time ago but the fear machine pushes negativity into all my secret hiding places.  I don't fight it and I won't dare to put one ounce of energy into resistance.  It's a pointless endeavor of wasting energy.  I'd rather focus in on what really matters, like love available in abundance with every breath and step we take on this beautiful planet Earth that we have both the honor and privilege to walk upon.

Most underestimate the true honor and privilege it is to be here, especially right now at this seemingly precarious time.  This place is not unprotected and there are those here, who hold a perfect space of strength, right frequency, immeasurable love and emanate light as strong as the sun itself.  It makes me smile to know them - the ones that stand back subtly working their magic in this place.  I love them, everyone of them.  Its a difficult time in existence it seems but then again, nothing is ever really quite as it seems and often with good reason and reason is what we should strive to grasp for when the emotions start running high in needless fear for this or that.  There is peace in abundance even amidst the frenetic streaming chaos if one is simply brave enough to take a walk inside the halls of the soul.  We all know the way there but forget instantly upon arrival and spend years mired in materialism chasing sparkly this and shiny that until we realize that happiness born of such things can only ever be fleeting at best.  Aside from that, with maturity and growth we come to realize no thing of this Earth can be brought with us when we leave.  However, there is a treasure greater than all the rest that absolutely goes with us when we depart this  The love we give and allow ourselves to take in stays with us perfectly and beautifully etched within our souls that need no physicality to exist at all.

A few rambunctious puppies chasing a tennis ball into the surf caught my eye and paused my heavily caffeine induced mental meanderings and brought me back to this feeling of the warmth of the sand now covering my toes.  I let all my thoughts go out with the tide and relax in the gentle peacefulness of a blissful moment in the sun.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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