Saturday, November 3, 2012

Foggy Mist of Our Own Minds

I must admit that I am a realistic optimist with much heavier emphasis on the optimistic side.  I am optimistic right down to my bones but have had the life experience enough and the wisdom of that experience to know that perspectives vary among us all.  There is much talk of the illusions in life but none more great than the illusion of taking things personally.  Even if a soul fully intended to hurt you deeply with words or actions, they do so only because of the illusions they hold.  Either they are fighting ghosts from wounds others have inflicted upon them that they have not yet healed and you triggered them or somewhere within them is held a deep admiration for you and they think that they are lesser than you.  You see, this is but an illusion.  We are all equal as human beings and none is greater than anyone else.  We all have our triggers, our weaknesses and strengths but not one of us is greater nor lesser than the other.  We forget this as we go through our days mired in egotistical thoughts that continually contrast and compare all of those souls around it not realizing that life is not a game that you win.  In living life as a gigantic race, if you strive to win at the expense of another, you will only lose in the end.

These are very difficult lessons to learn as we go through our days taking on more and more unhealed pain.  As we walk through the foggy mists of our own minds making assumptions not only about others but ourselves as well, we can never ever see the truth of what stands before us.  This illusion is one of the most difficult to break.  That is not to say that one should stand there and take blow after blow by those  mired in their own illusions.  One must have the self-love enough to side-step the blows and distance one's self from being pulled into a night mare.  We give away our power through our illusions not realizing that no one has the power to make us feel one single thing that we do not give our permission to feel.  We allow the blows to land, we see the threat of illusory attack and we defend and we strike and we take on the pain of others when we lose the ability to see the truth.  I write about this so much because it pains me to see so many taking on unnecessary pain and/or living with mortal emotional wounds.  This world is not always love, light and rainbows when you are caught in the illusion of victims and villains.  Are there folks out there that intend to do harm?  Sure there are but if you see them only as evil, you miss an opportunity to understand and in the absence of understanding within you there may be born a terrible emotion - fear.  Nothing steals away the light and your personal power like fear.  Can another harm you?  Can another take your life?  Yes, they can.  In this realm, this is true. But if you knew that the soul lived on regardless of a physical body, would you become as fearful?

If you knew that in life, nothing happens by accident and that everything was perfect as a process of learning, would you see life differently?  I do not mean to suggest that we should attempt to physically embrace those aiming a weapon in your direction.  I suggest rather that we become aware of the bigger picture, the causes of strife, of pain and suffering in this world and do what we can to contribute light, love and peace to any situation we might find ourselves in.  I am not saying this is easy by any stretch of the imagination but if you try, you will begin to understand how precious life is and what a beautiful gift it is to stand on this earth and watch the sun rise or watch a butterfly in flight, to hear the birds sing, to watch children at play and to know that no matter what it is that you have suffered or endured, you are loved and infinitely empowered to heal self and live life truly.  When we become too mired in the illusions that pain can create, we cut off any sliver of light from entering our world.  It is okay to feel pain but to own it forever without allowing the process of healing it to move and progress as it was intended is like imprisoning yourself forever in a very dark place and becoming angry at the world for the prison you created and walked into tossing the key out when you cut off your own self love. 

These concepts are advanced I realize but they can be learned and learned by any soul willing to open their hearts and seek healing.  My life has taught me these things and I must admit that I learned them the hardest of ways.  There were times I was so mired in my illusions I locked myself up and destroyed the key.  What a miserable time that was fighting ghosts and villains of my own creation.  Oh sure there were actors more than willing to play the parts I cast them in but it was my own reactions in the absence of understanding that imprisoned my heart and soul in darkness.  When the pain got too great I began looking for the answers within my own thinking.  I found the patterns and themes and tugged on the strings and was brought to the core of my own own creations and when I found I had no one to blame but myself, my assumptions and my own choices, I began to realize just how powerful I was and how powerful the illusion of pain could be.  But we, we are not limited in our ability to learn, to see, to love and to understand.  We must only chose to open our hearts and minds to the truth about ourselves, accept every action, every thought and every reaction to all of life's challenges.  When we accept the errors of our judgments knowing we did the only things we knew how to do at any given time, we begin to forgive.  As we begin to forgive, we begin to also understand the actions of others and can even find a measure of forgiveness for actions taken within the foggy mists of illusions that others held.  It becomes hard then to remain an angry, weak and lost victim.  When we know the power of words, the power of the energy behind our own thoughts, we might also learn how to create life in the infinitely positive.  That's when the world begins to become a bright, beautiful and amazing place.

I wish for you the brightest, purest and most beautiful self love seen, felt, heard and acknowledged within you.  It is already there at your core.  Let that flame roar to a fiery inferno of bliss, healing and joy.  Accept yourselves as perfection in the scheme of this design here in the Earth school and know some lessons may be hard won but once you understand or even attempt to try to, you will open the door to higher love and higher learning.  When you open up, watch how your world is transformed over time and new souls come in to assist you as you go.  Enough of my coffee induced ramblings this morning.  Have a wonderful day beautiful dreamers.  You are loved.

(c) Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)


  1. You are absolutely right. I came across this post by happenstance. It is a poignant thing to realize the power we each hold towards creating our own destinies, and so humbling to realize how oue illusions distort our "realities". I too hard to learn this through many years of difficulty. But how great it is to grow stronger and wiser everyday, freer from ego, and more able to be a leader and inspirtation towards those around you everyday. Today is my birthday, and this post was the gift I needed.

    1. Happy Birthday Zephiel. I hope that your day is most wonderful and special. Blessings dear soul. :) <3