Saturday, November 17, 2012

Loss and the Holidays

I don't know if you know this or not but I'll touch on it again as I do now and then.  Especially going into the holidays when folks tend to miss those who have moved on to the next phase of existence from this plane.  Consciousness does not die.  Everything you that makes you you transcends death and exists whether or not you are incarnate.  This is not a "belief" that I have surmised after careful or even careless consideration.  Belief is something you hold until you have the experience to bear out a hypothesis as fact.  So, the fact is, over thirteen years ago - my  heart stopped beating.  It stopped beating, the code blue, the crash cart and the whole 9 yards was my reality for a brief moment in time in this incarnation.  The moment my heart stopped beating, my physical consciousness disintegrated and was replaced by consciousness elsewhere.  At no time, however, did I ever lose consciousness.  I did not have a body, but I had my soul, my thoughts, the love that I had given and recieved and everything else that made me me.  The only thing I seemed to be missing, aside from my body that remained on Earth, was fear.  I held no fear, I felt no animosity and I felt the connected every-thing-ness of love.  I was given a choice to return to Earth or go home.  Love brought me back here to finish what I had started and I'm grateful.  Now, the difference is, I live without fear of death.  I no longer mourn my loved ones who moved on.  Instead, I speak to them as if they were right here with me always.  I love them still and I tell them so.  They do not want my sadness, brokenhearted moping or inability to function because they are gone.  They want me to do what they did -- live, enjoy life, love every second, minute, hour, day and year.  It is only when we do not understand the framework that we hold fear and mourn...Miss them in the physical sometimes, we will but think of it just as a friend who has moved to a new job out of state.  It is challenging if you struggle to embrace change but you, yourself, have come and gone many times in your past lives.  Your soul knows the score and it's only the fearful ego that tells you you are mere mortal worthless nothing that perpetuates fear and pain.  You are never mere mortal nothing.  You are bright, beautiful, loving and amazing ETERNAL souls.  Your bodies will do what you intended them to do and then one day, you too will return home at the precisely appointed hour - - just like your loved ones before you.

Now, I realize this concept may be a leap for so many.  But consider this, how would you feel if you died and your loved ones where there just despondent, dysfunctional, stunted and so broken by your passing that they could no longer live?  Think about it.  How would that make you feel?  Would it not make you feel bad?  Would you not want them to continue to love you, cherish the brief time incarnate that you had together but continue to live, love and grow?  Think about it.  This concept doesn't become one that immediately sinks in.  It takes time and then resonates more and more over time as you gain the experience to test out what the mind holds only as hypothesis.  In fact, when I first contemplated this concept thirty years ago, I outright rejected it as the crazy making designs of sanity challenged.  I realized that certain things, while seeming completely crazy, really represented a collection of hypotheses I needed time and experience to test out.  I found a way to suspend my judgment and open my mind.  I did test the concept and I have made my own conclusions based on my own first-hand testing.  I do hope that this offers you some food for thought that may ease your pain a little.  (I did forget to mention that I do talk to dead people on occasion so I do have their side of the story too).  Any way, my hope is that these words help you to live with peace from an alternative perspective rather than stunted by fear and judgment or over-identification with loss.  I'll share something a little more.  I went to the other side fearing death but I returned holding nothing but love.  That love expanded further like dominoes from Mount Everest and brought me understanding and I took that understanding and extrapolated it across so many things that were a mystery to me before my heart stopped beating.  Live your lives and feel the love of everyone always whether they are walking physically beside you or ethereally.  You are so loved no matter what you believe. ~Blessings of great love, infinite light and gentle healing dearest souls.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random but beautiful internet find)

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