Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gifts in a Dream

Far beyond my mere mortal understanding, there are things etched within my ethereal vision and I reach through my reality to touch them and understand.  But understanding is a gift that one must often earn and you don't always have to pay with tears and pain.  Sometimes it is the pure joy and bliss we generate that brings us closer to understanding those things our mortal minds just cannot seem to grasp in earnest.  So, I go on most days one foot in this world and one in another.  Walking two worlds simultaneously with each equally compelling to the core of my being.  Every now and then a dream escapes my desire for deep and peaceful slumber.  Dreams so real they shake my sanity for they take on both an ethereal and yet a very physical quality and I awaken half expecting to see what I know will dissipate within my field of vision in the darkness only to leave one single trace, a kiss, the warmth and a gift or two. The significance of which I cannot comprehend and I smile in spite of myself knowing how much it is I enjoy a little mystery.  Oh these dreams they do come unbidden at least a part of my conscious mind would have me think.  I lay there in the darkness questioning, recalling, reaching for this nebulous seeming understanding and I realize my mind is likely very overworked and tired seeking a beautiful, dreamy and sentimental escape.  I'll never know the origin of this dream but I think perhaps I shall relish its splendor just as it is.  Within it were two mysterious gifts I have yet to fully comprehend or appreciate but then again, the dream itself was a gift I won't soon forget...a reminder, a little hope and an ethereal calling from the center of the heart deep within the eternal and yearning soul of me.

I dare not move as I gaze into pure darkness, feeling the peace and this connected feeling to everything under the sun.  A surge of energy begins to move within me and I realize sleep is not to be had any more this day. 4:15 am rolls the clock into my current reality and begrudgingly I decide to move releasing myself from this dreamy awakening.  There are things I must do and promises that I must keep and so I go no longer asleep, but I wish...


  1. You have no idea how these posts of yours make my day :)

  2. Awh, I'm so glad! Thank you for stopping by and for your wonderful support. :) <3 Much love and light always! :)