Saturday, June 16, 2012

So it's Over, Now What?

So, it's over
Now what?
That thing you thought was everything
Whatever it was and whatever you thought it would be
It's over
So now what?
Will you lie there defeated, deflated and wounded?
Will you hate, seek revenge, sink to the depths of despair?
Will you calculate, seek to commiserate and drive the wounds in deep?
Are you the victim of a villain?
Are you a victim of circumstance?
What are you in this? 
Have you given it thought?
You look back at the days and weeks
But do you see what happened?
Do you truly comprehend the purpose of the experience?
You didn't want change did you?
You wanted to take this one thing and possess it, hold it there for eternity unchanged
Did you think that was reasonable or realistic to hold a thing static to appease your fears?
Really?  Was that a reasonable expectation to towards your serenity
In a world where everything is always in continual motion?
So, it's over
Now what?
Will you sort through the facts or hold to your provisional truths
So carefully created with environmental psychology?
Will you stand in the darkness?
If so, how long?
What will it take to propel you toward transcendence?
What will it take to reveal your own hand in your seeming undoing?
Think about it.
Things in this world do not happen to you randomly while you try to have a good time.
Things in this world you experience are created by you, for you
Either consciously or unconsciously
So, it's over
Now what?
Is it time yet to look again
And see what was really there in the absence of hate and fear or rejection?
Is it time yet to embrace the lesson you  just couldn't see?
Is it time yet to wake from your deep and dark slumber?
It can be if you want it to be
So, it's over
Now what?
Can you take the steps towards the light on your own two feet?
Can you realize you created the scene so perfectly?
Can you comprehend the bad thing can be a good thing in terms of your soul's growth?
You can but free will dictates that concept, that pure and beautiful action
Is entirely up to a matter of your choosing
You can remain mired in the darkness and like a black whole suck all the life out of
Everyone and everything around you to validate you, vindicate you from responsibility
Or, you can seek the deeper meaning, gain understanding and embrace the change
That was inevitable to bring alignment with your soul's truest desire?
So, its over
Now what?
Stand up, live, love and are that powerful and nothing can take you down but you.

(c) 2009 Jaie Hart - photo is a random internet find...

Note:  From a new book in the works by Jaie Hart. :)

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