Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Want to Understand

When considering life in the global sense, what if we were to step back, way back, out of the construct of this frame work and view the schema that is this world with an omnipotent view? Suppose for a moment, that this place was designated as a place to experience any aspect of reality a soul wanted for no other reason than to learn from the experience. Suppose for a moment one could choose exactly the kind of experience one wanted in the complete absence of judgment. Suppose further that a soul selects other souls via learning agreements to carry out at specific places and times for the sole purpose of enriching other's souls. Suppose also that the only true law that existed was that honoring free will had pleasant consequences and disregarding free will had unpleasant consequences for a soul. 
Consider for a moment that there is no good or bad, light or evil but just a frame work a collective of souls agreed to create for the purpose of learning, improving themselves and understanding the contrast between what is considered dark and light but with the understanding that everything is a facet of a whole. It makes nothing okay that is not okay with a soul but say in order to fully immerse in the framework, one had to forget there was a framework. In this way and in this light, one could go fully under cover and live out the creation and experience as planned and say that when all is said and done, the souls who agreed to experience things together in a certain way for a period of time in space come back then to Elsewhere and determine their learnings and how it refined the essence of the perpetual soul. What if conflict and war, cooperation and peace were all part of the same whole and just facets of varying manners in which the whole could be experienced by souls? What would that mean and how might that change the way we judge and react to the things in this world? I ask these questions and have been asked these questions by trusted advisors and guides whenever I find myself in a judgmental place. I do not have any answers, just my own experience and many more questions and I will keep asking them and I will continue to go deeper and deeper until I understand. I want to understand. 
To me, there has to be more than this simplistic view we so readily hold day in and day out...over and over until the day we day.  Well, as a fact, I know it even if I cannot articulate specifically is something in the soul that permeates every single thought that runs through my mind.  I am a natural observer of life and of souls who exist here now in this frame and those who I can feel just beyond it. There is so much more to life that we routinely allow ourselves to consider and for those who wish to know, the knowledge will be shared and continue to be available until a soul understands.  I no longer wish to remain asleep at the wheel...I want to understand.  I want to articulate what I feel in my soul and our judgment of this world and the paths of others is not needed...our understanding is if we wish to transcend the mundane aspects of this framework that we created.  Roll up your sleeves and let us get to the good stuff.  There is more, so much more to life and our existence and nothing else I say beyond this point will come across sane or cohesive and so I shall stop but only for now.  Blessings of higher love and infinite light shining souls. 

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