Saturday, June 9, 2012

Origins of Eternity

Today I spoke your name out loud
Gazing up at a beautiful pale morning sky
The sound brushing my lips as it went
Brought me your essence in sentimental feeling
I wondered about the state of things
Elsewhere feeling so far away
I can't seem to touch it with any party of me lately
And that sends my soul into the depths of pure yearning
My mind seeking purchase in something concrete
Wandering through the stuff of my memories and dreams
I saw you standing there on the coast
The sunlight behind you casting shadows across your face
But in your eyes I could feel the depths
And these feelings of loneliness brought a single tear
I let flow back to the Source of our origins
And the warmth of the light flooding my consciousness
Not unlike the first gorgeous rays of a fresh summer morning
How long I stood enchanted with a sound
How long I stood wrapped in a feeling
How long I searched here and Elsewhere to find you
I just don't know and I cannot wager a guess
Eternity strikes a chord of truth so deep within me
I cannot seem to shake its vibration
And with no effort coming forth I can't say that I tried
Awash in the glow of silver and gold
Source emanating love from within and without
You lead me always to my core
Back to the silence, the stillness and then
I find my way back climbing thoughts and pure emotion
Back to the sun under skies so blue
I whispered, "I love you always" my dear
To my world I return with my thoughts of you

(c) 6/12 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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