Thursday, June 14, 2012

Visions and Dreams

For those of you who do not put stock in visions and dreams, you may want to change your mind.  I want to tell you a little story.  One that isn't quite finished but is proof enough for me, a positive skeptic, that there is very good reason to hold onto your visions and dreams and to love the very idea and concept of them every single moment of your existence until they come to pass.  So, the story goes...

I'm a single mother of four kids with a cat, living a very normal existence (for the most part)  day in and day out from paycheck to paycheck.  It has been my reality for the better part of the last twenty or so years.  I met a wonderful friend very randomly a while back and we had many conversations about the law of attraction and how in order to make dreams and visions a reality, you had to come to a point where you are willing to surrender your disbelief, forget about the hows and technical aspects and just get into a very creative mode to establish what it is you most want.  The idea was to just put it out there, even if it's seemingly impossible and then do what you can to be open to the dream and vision and take the steps within your power to bring them into fruition.  If you can do these things, the universe will meet you and bring you the rest of the way.

My dream was a very simple one along the lines of one of life's basic necessities.  I just wanted something simple, a three bedroom home in Southern California where I and my family could live.  So, I created a vision board and just put my need/desire out there.  Money was so tight for me when I put this out there because of the expenses of living in Southern California.  It is near impossible to get ahead out here without very careful planning.  Unfortunately, planning ahead was something I had never been able to do.  A little over three years ago, I created my dream and wrote down the specifics of it.  Even as I wrote it, I struggled so hard to remove the doubts.  The only barrier for me was coming up with a down payment.  Unfortunately, I had accumulated so much debt living paycheck to paycheck that coming up with a down payment was a huge barrier that I could see no way to overcome.  I had to make some sacrifices, big ones in order to set myself up in a position to where I could actually start working toward the goal.  I established a five year plan to get out of debt and I'm 3 years in with just under two years to go and I'm seeing beautiful results and am now starting to get excited. Some of the things I had to do was sacrifice living in a big beautiful home I was renting and squeeze us into a very tiny, no room for anything, town home that was very reasonably priced in comparison to where we were.  I also had to commit to cutting most unnecessary spending and creating a budget that we held to no matter what.  These things coupled with some additional tough decisions and financial planning helped us ready ourselves for the ultimate dream.

Now, the housing economy has just gone bonkers these past many years and the super high prices that were also cost-prohibitive for us have tumbled way down to where the actual costs of the homes were becoming a bit more reasonable.  I got excited when this happened because it started to reinforce the fact that there was a way for my dream to become a reality.  I started to be able to pay off a few of the debts a little more quickly than planned which allowed me to start saving a little money but I hadn't given any serious thought to taking any further actions to making the dream come true.  I've taken some steps and lined up the right people to help me with technical things when I got ready and would check in with them from time to time.  I happened to be checking home prices over the weekend and realized from somewhere deep within me, now is the time...the dream is at hand.  So, I checked into a few things that might help me with a down payment.  Thank God for 401K loans!!!!  So, it turns out that between savings and a loan, I will have my down payment within ten days from today.  I also have my wonderful friend in the mortgage industry who tells me he thinks I can do it now too and as soon as my loan goes through, I'll be able to put through the pre-approval for a loan.  Then another friend, an agent, has given me some advice that will help put some money back into my savings so I won't be without a little reserve when everything is said and done.

I'm sitting here this morning elated realizing the dream, the one I wasn't entirely convinced would happen but the one I remained open to and took steps towards is at the brink of arrival into my reality.  I'm so happy about this.  In just a few short weeks I'll be out looking for homes and I know that as far as I've come, there is no stopping me now.  The right home, in the right area at the right price will reveal itself to me when the time is right.  Me, all I have to do is show up now and do the work I need to do to wrap this up.  Since I'm still a couple years into my five year plan, I've got a few thin years to go but then after that period is done, I will be in a much better place and the beauty is, in five years from now, the big chunk I've borrowed from myself gets paid back and I've set it up so that I can make extra payments on it on the side so I can pay it off even quicker!

For me, this is just amazing.  I just never realized before the power of positive thinking in action with a very simple dream.  I don't need anything extravagant, just something simple that meets my requirements and it looks like I'm almost there.  I have the patience of a saint with these things and am well aware of the market conditions so know that patience is needed.  For me, I fully understand this particular journey and that a relaxed and positive approach is needed here on out.  Now, I did have other visions and dreams on that vision board and I'm going to resurrect each one with vigor.  My disbelief had me disregard all but this one dream and now it is about to manifest and now I know the rest will too.  I shall dust them all of and pull them back into the light where they belong and do the very same things with those dreams and visions I did with this one that comes to fruition a little more each day.  I'm more than half way through the tunnel of planning I set in motion three years ago and am seeing the light at the end shinning so much more brightly than ever before.

I share my story because I want you to know that visions and dreams and the process of making them reality is not some metaphysical new age hocus pocus.  Our thoughts, feelings and words do in fact have incredible power and the more energy we put behind them, the more powerful we make them.   A suggestion also is to surround yourself with people who will help you make your dreams a reality and be one of those souls who help lend the positive energy for others to realize their dreams.  I find it is a wholly rewarding experience at so many levels.  Create the concept of what you most want in this world, think of it positively every day, design the steps that you can take to help you get there, take those steps and don't believe for one moment you will not have your dream.  You will if you want it and put enough passionate and positive energy behind it as you can.  I was a skeptic but I always knew the power of thoughts and the energy behind words.  I just never really took the time to put these concepts into practice for the things that I most needed.  Now I know.  I hope you do too.  Blessings for your journey dear souls and lots of positive energy and wishes for your hopes and dreams!  May they all come true in every regard.

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