Sunday, June 17, 2012

You're the Hero

How is it that we always seem to revert to the victim and villain mentality in which the only way out is the rescue by some selfless hero we can worship and adore?  Why do we humans resort to this impossible concept time and time again?  We look out at the world and we think, "Oh God, save us."  But the reality is that we created all of this through so many unaware actions, thoughts and fears we allow to run rampant within our own psyches.  There are no victims and there are no villains when you step back from the frame work you look at but clearly do not see.  We are taught the frame work exists as we see it but there is a backstory at play humming along in the background that we either resist with much fear or we contribute to with love. Sounds a bit simple doesn't it?

Life is sometimes like one of those illusion pictures.  You look at it one way and you see one thing but if you adjust your vision, relax and open your mind a bit the other picture begins to emerge at the very same sight you have beheld. So, those pictures are like a huge metaphor of life.  We look at things day in and day out and yet we fail repeatedly to see what is really there.  I can see easily how that can be with so many factions out there distracting our minds and hearts with ridiculous nonsense to keep us mired in the illusion and no, I am not a conspiracy theorist.  My line of thinking, while similar, couldnt be farther from that.  Conspiracy theories hold the truth at heart that there is something heinous going on and we must get very angry and upset, revolt and destroy those engaged in the illusion.  The funny thing is that to take such action, we merely engage in destroying ourselves.  You see, we are one.  We came into this world with a mass collective of agreements in which we wished to participate in to learn from, to try to transcend the small-mindedness of and to grow from.  Yet, when we manifest ourselves here in a body, we have hints of the collective agreements but agreed to forget so that we could lend realism to the play before us.  Just like putting on 3D glasses to make what we know is a movie appear more real.  We agreed to this and so we are here participating. 

Some of us who have been around the block a few times, so-to-speak, regarding experience with lives realize that in order to grow, we must find ways to push past the small-mindedness that we lean toward out of pure convenience.  We take the low road for expedience to get through a scene we find we don't like so much and we reach for things at the expense of others for myriad reasons.  We get lost in the realism when we engage in such tactics.  But, even that is part of our own life plans.  We create the dreams we find ourselves in.  We cannot hold "them" responsible and pray for the hero on the white horse to arrive right on time and just expect it to happen while in the meantime we hold fear, blame and loathing in our hearts.  When we create from fear, we produce more fear inducing scenes.  That's the unwritten law...well, one of many.  So, chalk this all up to spiritual mumbo jumbo but there is no one coming to save us or rescue us from ourselves.  The only way out, around or through is to stand up and take accountability for your own fearful and nightmarish creations.  Heal the fearful parts within you and push them from your sphere of reality.  Then, when you can hold love, logic and clearer vision in your hearts, you can create an energy within this framework that causes it to shift into higher vibratory existence.

The ascended masters have ascended and are not coming back to this plane to save you.  I'm sorry to tell you this but it is true.  But, that said, don't be disheartened.  These amazing souls who transcended the commonly understood frame work have left you wisdom and truth so that you can do as they did and rise above what you look at but do not see.  They left you the clues to unwrap yourself from the illusions of this framework and embrace the truth of an even greater framework.  They left you the tools of empowerment, they showed you the way and they left the light on for you so you could step up, embrace the relative truths instead of the provisional ones you were taught to hold.  The truth is out there...transcendence is not some flakey windchime people unattainable state - it's real and you can touch it, taste it and feel it if only you would work on eradicating the fear inside you knowing that the fear of death is silly because your consciousness goes on.  Who cares if they poison the water and the food - the way we allow ourselves to become addicted to things to make us feel better, we'll take ourselves out any way and then what?  We don't go to oblivion.  We live.  Immortality is absolutely real but just not in the way we think or we've been taught to think.  The clues that lead us out of the matrix are often purported to lead you into the lap of satan or worse, eternal damnation.  Oh goodness...if you were to open your minds and hearts and question what you see - look to the works and the words of the ascended masters and see the similarities in the themes - Look at the words left behind by Krishna, Buddha and Jesus alone and you'll see the same themes and if you open your mind and heart and look through the eyes of love, the truth has been staring you in the face all along.  "You can do as I do" are words they all shared in one way or another and yet we fall silly and all worshipy and believe ourselves unworthy.  You  see, that is part of the problem.  You're all heros made of the same stuff as those amazing souls that you worship and you can learn as they did if you would but open your minds, your hearts and your souls and embrace the truth of Source and find the love instilled within you to this end.  Do not discount yourselves so readily by thinking you are in need of rescue.  You are the hero you are waiting for so stand up and be heroic...stand up and be empowered by the light of love and contribute in nonviolent ways to support yourself, your brothers and sisters in this world and make changes for the better.  You can help heal the world but you have to start with you.

Throw off complacency and localized unaware thoughts.  Get rid of fear in your hearts.  Get rid of animosity, greed, selfishness and anger and open your minds to what you want most.  Step out of the darkness of blame and woe and find the light shining in your own sphere of existence.  Make changes.  Do something positive.  Believe in yourselves as the spark of divinity that you are.  Then you'll see changes.  Then you'll learn how to consciously create in the light of love.  Then you can rescue yourselves and save this world. There are additional laws that you will need to be aware of for your own good.  One big one is free will.  If you wish to avoid adverse events, emotion and energy for yourself, you must be impeccably honorable in terms of free will.  This means you cannot force a single soul to do what you think they should or stop doing what you think they shouldn't.  You are in domain control only of your own free will and your free will always ends where another's free will begins.  Shine the light for others and give your opinion if asked but do not force others to go down the roads you think are the right and only true roads.  This will mire you in darkness and confusion because your soul knows this law.  Live and let live.  Let people hold thier own beliefs, shine the light, hold a space of compassion and love and then let go.  We make great changes in this world by shifting the energy and aligning with the vibrations that support it.  When you cross the lines of free will you cannot maintain harmony and align with the positive energies in this world.  Disengage from manipulation and creating fear in others.  Disengage from victim and villain thinking.  Disengage from judgment.  Disengage from assuming only you know the way and the path.  Engage in empowering action first for yourself and then learn how to engage in this concerning others.  Be mindful of the present moment, your thoughts and their origins.  Test what is real versus which is fear inducing negativity for you.  Take time to focus on the state of your own path instead of focusing on the paths of others.  It was your desire for you to learn and grow here and not stand in judgment of others.  Although you contain a spark of divinity and you are learning to weild that you cannot hold the knowledge enough while mired in this framework to judge others and usurp their free will without grave consequences for you.  Get in touch with nature.  Get in touch with your soul.  Get in touch with this beautiful and amazing universe we exist in.  Feel it!  Once you realize just what it is you are connected to every day of your life, your thinking will shift naturally as long as you allow it.  You have free will and you can leave behind the victim/villain illusion and find the truth within you.  Until then, blessings for your journey and I hope you find the light so many others have left on for you to brighten the darkest parts of your paths.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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