Saturday, June 30, 2012

Life is Like a Project

Let's face it, we all make bad decisions sometimes. And when I say "bad" I mean that we had a specific outcome in mind and the actions we took were only remotely close to helping us achieve that outcome. So, when we find ourselves here, disheartened and disappointed, it is no time for blaming self or others or even your Maker. It doesn't matter what you or others did that may have seemed to go wrong. What matters now is what you do. Own your decisions, own the resulting consequences, forgive yourselves for the pain and suffering you are experiencing...take a moment to recenter and get peaceful and then take action to right your choices in a way that will support your growth and healing. I know it isn't easy but its worth it to stand in your own light and own your seeming mistakes and then spend time trying to understand the real lesson behind what is being presented to you. It is so often not as simple and superficial as it seems. Trust you to ultimately know how to do what is good for you and then do it. It doesn't matter how many times you seem to fail. Don't judge you in that way. Reconsider that it is what you do now that shows your true greatness.  So, step back a moment and consider that what you want in life can be managed like a project and your mistakes can be managed and your successes can be realized.

Nitty-Gritty (Inputs and Outputs):
Life and the tasks we engage in are like managing a project.  For those of you not exposed to project management, let me explain.  To manage a project, you first must establish with stakeholders the scope and the specific outcome of a project.  Once you have negotiated and clarified the scope and outcome, you have to spend time considering the resources, time and processes needed to achieve the outcome.  Once the resources are realistically established, the amount of time is estimated with a realistic approach to the processes and tasks that must be conducted, you must order the processes by what must be done first and then begin to complete the prioritized tasks to achieve the goal.  If your resources fall short, your processes are flawed and you don't have enough time or your scope isn't clearly articulated and agreed upon with stakeholders, you will most likely NOT achieve the desired outcome.

Life is like a project.  All of your goals, dreams and desires can be considered mini projects.  When you get down to it, your successes in life depend on your ability to create a vision of what it is you want and go through the process of obtaining the clarity and cooperation or agreement of others involved, the resources, carrying out the processes within the time you commit to making things happen and then enjoying the process of your labors when it all comes together as planned.  If you are short on any inputs, you will change your outcome.  So, what if you don't know what you want an all you've got to work with are the things you do not want?  Well, simply put you need to analyze the inputs into the process and then you will understand how you arrived at an outcome.  When you understand the inputs and outputs in your lives, you can begin to change inputs and get different outcomes.

We're so funny sometimes in that we go through life doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.  I believe Einstein is even quoted as saying this kind of approach is the very act that defines insanity.  So, we go through life not understanding the process of how we create in this life.  Hmmm.It's more than just wishing for things and hoping they happen.  You have to actually do something in order to manifest those things you want and need.  For example, if you are homeless and you want a home, you won't get one by wishing for one, demanding people give you one or attempting to manipulate people to get one for you.  If you really want a home you have to set the goal and determine what resources you need to get a home.  You then have to figure out what tasks and processes you need to engage in and in what priority will get you a home.  You may have to find resources or work for them, build it or buy it, etc.  You get the picture.  The same is true for those who want peace and serenity but who find themselves mired in chaos.  What are the inputs into the process that resulted in chaos and what does it take to achieve peace and serenity and are the resources (e.g., people) you are surrounded with in agreement that peace and serenity is the goal?  Sometimes we find we are working on a goal assuming the parties around us are in agreement but they aren't in agreement and they are working contrary to our true goal and so we fight to get them to move towards our goal.  Such a pointless endeavor.  If you find yourself in that situation, you need to replace your resources or see if the folks you are working with are willing to participate in the achievement of your goal.

Emotion makes the process difficult and I would advise that you carefully consider the inputs into your own emotions.  Where are your emotions coming from?  Did someone force those emotions into your body and mind or are you reacting to your own assumptions?  This one is hard, I know but go back to project thinking.  If your goal is happiness and cooperation but you are working with others who do not share your goal but you assume you are, all of your work will be for naught and you will be in pain, angry or frustrated.  In such a case, are others really responsible for your frustration or are you really responsible because of your assumptions - or maybe you're frustrated because someone said they'd be working with you towards your goals but their actions are contrary to their words?  Is that person still responsible for your frustration or is it your beliefs that are driving your crazy?  I'm not judging and I'm not saying one way or another.  What I'm trying to do is to get you to question your inputs and challenge you, if you are not happy with outcomes, to think of ways you can achieve your goals and to get out there and achieve them.

Nothing is more frustrating than getting into a project where you think you have clarified the scope and the outcome but then it changes and you assume you are still working from the original premise!  So, when you find that, you must go back to the stakeholders (people around you) and re-validate that the goal is really still the goal because the tasks and resources being applied are not going to achieve the stated outcome.  Either they agree or they disagree and you can re-establish your resources, processes and tasks accordingly.

Conclusion of Sorts:
So, the process of creation in our lives is not haphazard and random.  Sometimes the resources are involuntarily changed but the goal IS still the same which requires a different set of thoughts and creativity to get to the goal or maybe the goal really does have to change.  Only you can judge that and you are the master manager of the project that is your life.  In this sense, your decisions and actions are all about you.  Just be conscious of what you do and what an outcome will be and you won't be surprised by outcomes or if you are surprised, you can adjust and continue to achieve your goals or modify them to suit you.

If nothing else, I hope you find a measure of wonder in your lives and how you have created the things that you have.  You don't often realize how powerful you are until you see the results of your work.  Creation has a process...A concept, Resources to Manifest, Desire to Manifest, Working towards manifestation, and then Enjoying what manifests or Engaging in Refinement of what you have Manifested.  Its really amazing how creation works.  May you be blessed always with the creativity, positive energy and impetus to continue the beautiful creations in your life.  Live, love, learn and grow.  That's what we came for.  ~Blessings

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo is a random internet find)

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