Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The summer solstice comes again and the longest day of the year shall unfold minute by minute before me.  Although this day shall be beautiful and filled with light on every level and dimension, I will secretly wish for the night and my dreams of Elsewhere.  So much have I learned of late...things that most in this world would simply misconstrue and misunderstand and I contend with the isolation those very thoughts bring.  I am resolved as I stand here in morning's first light knowing finally the reason an aspect of this journey is as it is.  There are times in life and even beyond, a soul should wish to know fully what they are capable of.  In the absence of assistance the soul strikes out seeking experience after experience to refine it's very essence.  And so it has gone in the energy of the dream that has been my life.  I look back a moment at all of my creations and I smile.  Even though I feel the joy and even when the recollections make me wince a bit, I am satisfied with all that I have created.  I didn't understand so many things along the way but now I see.  Its funny to me now all of the places I have looked for answers and not seen an ounce of truth that stared me in the face.  Even given tools to assist from my angelic family, I questioned and held tightly to the deeper parts of my sleeping journey.

So, here I am in this moment feeling so very grateful for the cool of the morning, for the diffused light cast across the sky by beautiful summer sunlight and coastal clouds.  I can feel the power of the energy from all of my lives coursing through my veins and extending so far beyond this vessel I now inhabit.  I recall this feeling from memories of all of the other lives I've held when I finally came to this level of understanding.  I am filled with joy and bliss as if I've found the greatest treasure in all of the world.  I've come back to my senses - not those this life has taught me to manufacturer but those that are of universal truth and not disputable on any plane that truly matters.  I came into this world for many of which, to remember the strength in the endless well of all that I am...another, to find love in the most unlikely of places...and then simply to remember I was dreaming while deep in slumber for the sheer beauty of the realization and continual creation.

I will endeavor to taste every single moment of this day as if it were a rare and tantalizing delicacy.  Every moment we exist in consciousness is just that - rare and beyond words.  With my mind pulled out and expanded beyond this reality and into the next, and next, and next I am ultimately and completely at peace with me.  A rare treat for one who has expended so much energy to ensure everyone else was at peace with me -- I laugh now, so not my job.  When we find the core of ourselves and come to a place of full acceptance of every single thing we've done, and questioned, and attempted and we see the truth, not as others would have us believe but from the space of universal reality - something changes deep within and life takes on new meaning.  The reveal I've written about of late is to me what every moment of living is about.  I think we are all like beautiful roses.  The span of our lives stretches out over the time span of a rosebud becoming a full fledged bloom. When we are unfolding, it is so easy to become lost and wonder about the soil, are we pretty and is our fragrance amazing, or where are we and are we in the right place, or look at those roses, they are so much prettier.  When engaged in such thoughts we miss the powerful beauty of the energy of our own unfolding - our awakening to the reality of the existence that is rather than the existence we perceive.  There is a vast difference between the two.

I believe I am done with my crazy rambling for today.  I am filled with too much joy, love and wonder to continue.  I pray that you each find a measure of this joy and bliss as your lives so beautifully and perfectly unfolds.  Every aspect of your experience has merit and beauty.  Find a measure of wonder in your own existence, decisions and perceptions today...reach farther than the thoughts that limit you and embrace the ever expanding and infinite beauty of life and consciousness.  You are beautiful so go be beautiful. ~Blessings

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart, (Photo, random internet find)

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