Monday, June 11, 2012

Emerging Truths

I look out into this world and see the most amazing things most days.  In the face of a flower, I see sacred geometry staring back at me.  In the landscape, I see golden rectangles, spirals and light so beautiful it makes things glow.  I ask others sometimes, "Do you see that?" They'll reply, "See what?"  Then I'll say, "Look at the flowers, they are glowing.  Do you not see them?"  I'm stunned when they tell me no.  I'm reminded then that to see light sometimes, one has to be in the right perspective -- open to seeing, open to feeling and open to knowing that the light of a situation is always there just waiting for us to notice it.  Then my mind wanders off a little further to the trees speaking in colors, the sky raining down happiness in beautiful light and the clouds crawling across the blue forming angel's wings, faces and flowers in the sky--These things are all just amazing to me.  I look out into the world and this is some of what I see.  I usually wish to capture the moment in some way so that others might one day be over-taken by curiosity and begin to look for the light and the out of the ordinary as well.  I didn't know these things were there reflecting back to me in the world until I opened my heart enough to begin to see.

How many other things exist in the world that we do not see?  We are trained from early on to train our focus in a very limited manner -- to see things only a certain way - through concrete and superficial or material perspectives.  But, what did they miss when they taught us what blue was, and red, yellow or pink?  They forgot to teach us these things are energy vibrating in a specific pattern and when you  look for the energies you see it as proof that there is more to this world then we've been taught.  We've got so many amazing pioneering spirits out their proving that the world beyond our normal sight not only exists but lives, breathes and interacts with us all of the time.  Physics is amazing in this regard. Experimental outcomes can be changed just by our interaction, intent and observation! There are laws in science but there are some souls that come along and push the boundaries of the laws because they hold a vision of the world in a different way than most are taught.  I'm grateful for such souls or we might never travel thinking that we'd fall of the edge of the world!

Going with the vision theme, think of all the things you read about.  All of the words stem from visions inside someone else's head.  We read about the visions and are greatly entertained by the construct of complicated themes evoking in us emotion, energy and curiosity.  There are those who find a beautiful composition in nature and capture it in such a way that not only do you see what the artist saw but you begin to feel the emotion that inspired the artist.  How do you see emotion if it weren't for energy, intent and vision?  How would we truly learn if all of our senses were not already open to some degree?  Our perceptions sometimes seem so limited but I begin to firmly believe that the only limits in this world are born of those who hold too closely to the rules and laws set forth before them without testing and questioning them.  Those who willingly submit their free will to the limits, the rules of outdated doctrines and beliefs.  In fact, in some religious spheres, to question words written by men in antiquity equates to blasphemy, punishable by a fiery miserable afterlife.  Go back to being a child and hearing the words, "Because I said so."  How did those words make you feel?  Did not the strong knowing soul within you most instantly wish to rebel because it ultimately knows the truth or it would not question at all?  We are made to question as we are sentient beings by the grace of some unseen Force in this Universe that gave us such an ability.  Why should we deny ourselves and what we were made to do ever?  Knowledge is power.

I'm grateful to whatever Force in the Universe or Source of our Creation and I don't really care if that Source was a random accident, a benevolent Father or Mother figure, a master thought in the mind of the All of Everything or if ET's that popped in and decided to foster lives through collective DNA experiments for whatever reasons.  In the end, what does it really matter?  If you take away all of these thoughts and concepts that many of us kill each other over, do we not still exist living and breathing here in this big beautiful world?  We are not liquified where we stand for questioning our origins or seeking the truth.  In fact, whatever ingenious design it was that created us into who and what we are, gave us an amazing ability to think for ourselves, to test our vision, question everything until we come to know the truth of things.  And I'm sorry, I cannot accept the truth written down by any being here in this frame that has an ego.  That means every word, no matter how divinely inspired, was judged and then committed to verse, not to mention some unscrupulous and manipulative souls who intended to control small minds with great fear.  I cannot get into conspiracy theories, debates on the religious truths in existence or further debate on our origins.  We each have our own minds and can make them up for ourselves as we learn and grow.  No one is made greater or lesser by their beliefs.  I respect that.  Ultimately,  I'm just grateful,  infinitely grateful to whatever Source it was in the Universe that lead to my existence here and now and I need no superiority debate in my favor in order to be okay with who I am.  I know and can feel the truth of the sentiments behind my words and what does and does not resonate light for me.  I wish you all a bright and beautiful day of contemplation and pure amazing and wonderful existence.  ~Blessings.

(c) 6/12 Jaie Hart (Although a random internet find, I believe the painting is by Josephine Wall)

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