Monday, June 18, 2012

The Impending Reveal

I love the clean slate of a brand new day.  One can forget all that has transpired for good or ill, reap the benefits of the lessons learned from days past and apply them as the world has made one more revolution on it's axis.  I find it interesting sometimes how things seem to stand still, exceptionally still, maybe way too still.  And that concept of stillness is actually ludicrous considering that our planet revolves fairly quickly as it spins and moves around the sun.  Everything evolves through its designated process, sheds what no longer belongs and emerges new and changed afterward.  There is this cocoon phase to everything it seems and our lives are really no different.  The problem is that I've always struggled with this part, just like how I struggle with winter each year.  Many love that time of death/rebirth but I never have.  While I can appreciate the season and it's time for rest and regeneration, it always seems to me to be the longest season there is.  That makes me laugh because it is all a matter of perception and perspective and those that I hold are not the truth.  So, as I sit here writing I realize as the seasons change from spring to near summer, there is this freezing, death and regeneration cycle happening for me on another plane of existence.  I am not quite sure what its for even though I know what created it. 

There is this sense of connection to everything and yet, at the same time, a complete disconnection from everything.  The dichotomy is a bit crazy making or, well, at least a bit confusing.  There are times in our lives where things just seem to stay the same no matter how many changes we attempt to make.  But again, the "seem" word conveys a perception.  There is nothing about this time in this incarnation for me that is staying the same.  Everything is in motion, everything is in upheaval and everything is coming to that very thin moment of ending-beginning.  I can feel it.  I hate the waiting part and would just like to get on with it whatever "it" is that is emerging but I know its futile to think such thoughts and so I laugh again at myself for thinking these things. I guess I have just so many questions at so many levels of existence and I'm eager to get this whatever it is behind me so I can reconnect and begin my queries and journey again.  I don't care for this feeling and I do not know why.  Perhaps it reminds me of the void - this place where my consciousness existed but nothing else seemed to for a few moments.  I do know and realize however, that the void had no true absence of light or motion. The Hermetic Principal on that one resonates deeply with me in that all is in motion, everything changes.  This is a fact in this frame as well as others.  As long as consciousness exists, everything changes and moves.  To me that means the whole of the universe, every thought, all the energy in this plane and others also moves and changes.  We can stand still in this frame and think we are really standing still but we cannot be...our minds/consciousness do not cease their movement, nor does the stop Earth spinning on it's axis orbiting around the sun.  The only thing that freezes is liquid in forms that when exposed to cold environmental temperatures changes its form but it never stops moving.

Funny about that very thought right there...exposure to environment and changing form.  Hmmm, now that thought will have me comparing, contrasting, researching and understanding for a little while to come.  Everything I have experienced in my environment up to this point in my life has been about changing my form.  I think a little about the subtle changes that occur to us humans the longer we traverse planet Earth.  We begin to fade, it seems from this dimension and we transform and change into something else.  The signs appear in our hair and our skin, our vision in this world changes as we begin to embrace another this world we fade away...but we emerge Elsewhere...hmmmm, what a beautiful thought and now I am really an adjustment in my own trajectory I now perceive and am suddenly released from this feeling of stasis...the gears begin to turn again in a new direction...and that direction emerges as I take steps...a little more revealed every day.  I feel like a kid the night before school starts in the fall (okay, I have freely admitted that I was a nerd).  I loved that first day so much.  I never knew what it would hold for me...good times or bad times, maybe in between times.  But it would be ultimately good and nearly almost always was.  So, off with me then into this beautiful day of life of love and of learning.  Blessings to you as your travel through your day today.  What new thought or thing will reveal itself magically to you today?  Get to it and go find out! :)

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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