Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Kiss I'll Remember

I was feeling poetic and waltzing through memories and this one came out.  ;)

I remember that night
Somewhere lost in time
Tendrils of moonlight
Traced the lines of your face
And I watched your lips
As you spoke to me
And I was hungry to taste them
Just once more
This game we've played for an eternity
Hiding in time
In the starlight and shadows
Wondering when we might find
One another again
It makes me smile from deep within
This love that you send me
Wraps around me every moment
And glad am I to know where you are
Safe and sound within the construct of your dream
And me in mine, a fascinating time
But none will compare to that moment
That precious moment we return home again
Into your arms and our love reignites
And lights the skies on fire in earnest
Oh my love, my soul and my heart
I am so very content in this frame
To know what awaits us Elsewhere...
To know the love of eternity
Rests within us, within our hearts
I go back to that night
Standing with you under the stars
And I whispered I loved you more
Than there were stars up in our skies
And sensing my longing and sentiment deep
You inched ever closer
And your love found my soul
In a kiss I'll always remember

(c) Jaie Hart 2012 (photo was a random internet find)

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