Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Soft and Bright

There was a beautiful softness to the energy today.  I can't explain it but felt it so strongly from the moment I opened my eyes and it's with me still this evening.  Along with the softness of this energy another perception emerged, one of everything coming into view seeming brighter than normal from the sun in the sky, to the colors and even the contrasts over every single thing in sight.  How is it possible that everything light was brighter and anything dark was deeper as if to beautifully contrast just for something new to take in?  I realize that nothing in this world has really changed other than my perception.  This is not tied to any new or amazing spiritual truth as I can assure you that I've had none lately. In fact, my days of late have been quite run-of-the mill ordinary in every respect.  Well, everything but my perspectives.  Images come into and out of focus as I go through the day and the energy I feel from within this vessel shifts and changes often.  I don't understand how I've never noticed it before and figure that it must have always been like this and I just never noticed.  Perhaps my mind was so burdened with pain or the scourge of lessons as yet unlearned that I was never able to see or feel what has been there all along.  I really can't say.  I wish I better understood because I like the feeling of today.  There was no heaviness underfoot, in the air or deep within me.  All was light and flowing, moving as if perfectly timed within this infinite universe of endless possibilities.  Earlier while outside in the sun I stood there just taking in the same view I've seen for years but today it was definitely different.  I correct myself right here and now as I realize very clearly in this moment that the view has not changed.  It is I who have changed and gained the ability to shift my perspective.

It's a beautiful thing, I think.  At least it feels beautiful.  I still have with me this sense of completion as if I'm still waiting for something big and wonderful about to start to rise up over the next horizons. I guess that's hope in action as I've somehow learned to never give up hope for a brighter tomorrow.  It was likely those thoughts yesterday that delivered to me the gift of today.  Today was surely a gift.  Even now, the light is so bright it's hard to focus.  I just want to get lost in it and enjoy the sheer dreamy beauty of it.  But alas, no, I have domestic goddess duties to attend to and well, my writing time is over.  Before I get back to them I must get outside for a few moment and soak up the sun's last fiery rays while this beautiful breeze blows the rest of the cobwebs from my mind.  I love it when I arrive at a moment where I don't think I could feel a greater sense of bliss than I do in this moment and yet I smile knowing that I will be surprised often in my life as so often I have been on this topic in times past.  My life is so simple that some would call it routine and boring but to me, I have the most beautiful life and I love it so much.  I pray that you find a moment in the sun to drink in it's delicious rays, feel the breeze blow love into your heart and smile for no other reason than you have the ability to.  ~Blessings.

(c) 6/12 Jaie Hart (photo - see bottom of photo for copyright info).

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