Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blazing Light to Life

I love the stillness in the cool of morning.  Darkness still shadows familiar things until the birds begin to gently sing.  Soon the sun will climb over the horizon setting the sky ablaze with golden light.  Pale blue sky and clouds will gently be replaced by slowly brightening colors of life.  Anticipating the beauty is it's own gift, I think.  The days are always beautiful in life to me but I see things differently often.  Mired of late in this mental state of weeding through thoughts to glean the remaining bits and pieces of lessons learned has left me yearning for the simple beauty that only nature can provide.  As I sit here thinking over a delicious and warm cup of coffee, my mind wanders back through a beautiful memory.  It was a warm summer morning with all the makings of a very hot summer day in gentle progress.  Already I could smell the scent of the grass, summer flowers in bloom and a gentle breeze straying from the ocean.  A butterfly flew across my field of vision and I watched her land on the daisies right next to me.  I was lost in the patterns and colors on her wings, enchanted by the glowing core of the flowers and tasting the freedom of a day with no school.  Childhood memories can be the best and the worst sometimes but that is all a matter of perspective and that which we wish to call to and hold within us.  I choose the light as my point of focus and always patiently await it's appearance.  I am never disappointed in that regard for the light of life is everywhere and in everything.

I step out onto my patio sensing the coming of the sun's first rays.  Under the now dimly lit skies I see my own flowers glowing in the darkness.  I think I feel them more than I see them but the effect is no less mesmerizing to me.  I love Mother Earth's beautiful displays that tantalizing open and waiting senses.  Such beauty is part of what makes this place draw souls like butterflies to beautiful daisies.  Life, is purely amazing.  Life, so rich in color, depth and experience.  It's hard to imagine not holding gratitude for the opportunity just to be present incarnate.  Like a child on a warm summer day do I greet every single day of my life.  You may not think to find freedom in the grown up drudgery of work and obligations but I find great joy in my responsibilities and pure pleasure in taking accountability for my wants, needs and actions.  I've come to a place where victim thinking cannot take hold to one ounce of the light within me.  My light shines so brightly it burns such darkness away.  I am aware of the thinking as I spent most of my life there and then I realized that the happenings in life are not so personal as if to serve only to deter, demean and diminish us.  Life's happenings are meant to test our constitutions, our resilience and beautiful creativity.

This day holds for me opportunities as yet unknown but I hold no fear nor worry at all.  I have agreed to take life as it comes and appreciate every scene as if it were a petal of a beautiful flower unfolding.  The further I go, the essence and fragrance becomes part of my existence.  My energy, my vision and my dreams are alive and I abide not one moment in negative or destructive thoughts.  My heart craves the love and the light and within there is more than an abundance.  You just have to see and look, train your eyes to recognize the beauty, the patterns and love hidden sometimes in the seemingly mundane.  Exit the restless self-aggrandizing ego and embrace the feeling in the soul.  We are by far more powerful than sinking lowly souls crawling for crumbs in the outside world to lift us up by bringing others down, stealing away power and pushing people down.  Unnecessary tools for dishonorable and painful existence are these.  We do not need them.  At any time, any soul can stand up tall and be embraced by the light of love.  Layers of pain and lies may have to be gently peeled away but the love and light are there.  Beneath the surface, like diamonds in coal.  We need only train ourselves to see what is there in all regards and choose our experiences accordingly.  It's so simple that it seems impossible sometimes.  Having crawled on my belly more times than I can count in life, I know the beauty of that moment when you realize no one holds you down or back but you and your own uneducated thoughts. For more than forty years have I studied this ability in life.  I have watched the struggles and the successes...the origins of darkness and light are the same and it is our perception that shapes our actions and they repeat with the same results until we change our view and learn.  Then we can take new action in line with new lessons learned and reach beyond the illusory aspects of our past thinking that seemingly held us down.

We have an infinite ability to rise above and to transcend lower-level thinking and action.  For some the realizing may take much effort and even require assistance at times but the beauty in life is that what ever you need and passionately hold in your mind, conscious creation will manifest just what you hold most for you.  When we stop creating in fear, life becomes so interesting.  I think back now to that sunny summer day as a child of 9 born to observe in this life, with a knack for looking always for the light that etches even the dark things in some form of beauty.  Time passes so quickly now and I'm grateful for every warm summer day, for every dark and rainy one too.  I have lived in a beautiful world and had many beyond beautiful experiences.  For 40 years have I studied, for a few more yet, have I just observed and I smile now as even more memories coalesce in my conscious vision. And then it comes, the first rays of the sun.  I'm going to sing her up into the sky along with the birds here in my own way.  For no other reason than the fact that I'm so very glad to be here, so glad to be alive and so honored to see these colors blazing light to life on another glorious day of my life here on Earth.  ~Blessings.

(c) Jaie Hart 6/12 (Photo, random but so beautiful fortunate internet find)

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