Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Space Between

It was a sunny day in October of 1992 and I was sitting on my patio reading a copy of the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.  I heard a man speak to me although there was no one around me.  I was reading about control dramas and he told me to pay attention.  He said the content of this part of the book would be the focus of a very long lesson plan for me.  I listened and I paid attention.  I grabbed my notebook and pen to write down what just happened.  I documented my visions and messages in the beginning.  As I finished writing my journal entry it was if an unseen hand had taken over my pen and the following picture was drawn on the page: 

When the pen stopped moving I stared at the image for the longest time.  I felt a down-load coming but it had not yet completed.   I sent a thought back to my unseen teacher, "What is this?"  For an eternity of sunny silence it seemed I waited.  He began to speak again as the chills ran up and down my spine:  "This is a model of time from your present perspective.  You will need to study this and understand it.  It will bring you much comfort one day and then you will begin to move beyond it."

The download finally came and this is what I received:  The left hand side is all of your experiences and your past left behind you in space-time. The right hand side is all the experiences and your future to come - ahead of you.  You, you are the X in the are the present at the intersection between your past and your future.  The past has lead you to where you are and you should be grateful but not looking forever backwards.  The present guides and moves ushering in the future but we do not need to gaze forward always to the future, it will come.  The present is the culmination and the power of creation always. 

So, where it ended up leading me...spending my present looking back for longer than a moment to retrieve something is a waste of precious time and energy in my present.  Pining away for something I wish to have from my future  or looking ahead for longer than is necessary to set a goal, is also a waste of precious time and energy in my present.  If I maintain my focus on my present and my being-ness at the intersection of the past and the future, which is me, I am not diminished by either regret nor desire.  If I embrace either regret or desire, I am pulled off-track. Regret and desire are temptations unseen. If I place my conscious focus in mind, body and spirit in the intersection - the center of my existence, I expand and I physically feel the expansion.  Hmmm,  It is back to the cross-roads with my thinking and me.  There is something so very rare and precious about that intersection of the past and the future - it is me, it is time, it is outside of time.  I cannot articulate this much more in this moment as it seems a 20 year delayed piece of this puzzle has decided to download now.  Either that or I got the whole thing twenty years ago and completely ignored it (most likely the latter).

Once we have mastered the cross-roads, the space in between and the expansion of consciousness - we are ready to contemplate the other dimensions of which, our current physical perception is only one.  Uh oh, wait....Overload, bandwidth exceeded...ctrl-alt-delete. (giggles)

Okay - I'm back...I'm serious about the picture and the manner in which it was given.  I am serious about the message that was conveyed twenty or so years ago.  The simplicity of the intersection requires much expansion and in fact, that is exactly what I am feeling whenever it is I pull my focus fully into the present moment - I experience an expansion unlimited by what came before, what is to come or space-time.  That space in between is where the magic happens...that tiny little intersection is infinite beyond comprehension.  That space in between is you and me whenever we choose to place our focus there.  Time for some meditation me thinks.  

(c) 1993-2012 (Jaie Hart - diagram a la Paint and my mouse)

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