Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Year Completed on Planet Earth

Another year in yet another life comes to a close on beautiful planet Earth.  I look back and feel a
great sense of accomplishment as I sit here typing away.  That sense of accomplishment has more to do with global accomplishments than personal ones.  At no other time do I recall a greater sense of united connectedness with all that is, greater acknowledgement among the masses of awareness and the fact that at a basic level and even many more, we are all truly one race here on planet Earth and despite all of the difficulties and challenges we faced this past year, so many have pulled together from their heart centers and made a vast and beautiful difference not only for themselves but all of those around them.  I count myself so very grateful to be here on Earth at this time.  Never before have I experienced great diversity coming together as one in so many various situations.  Many nights have I spent this past year deep in meditation feeling the difference in the energy here on Earth and sending out even more across the globe to lend more love to strengthen the hearts and souls doing the same all over this world and surrounding it in the ether.

We are learning so very much individually and as we learn we light a path for even more to follow. 
We have trudged a path through a thick jungle of illusion and darkness and we have left many
mile markers for those who will later come to traverse the path we now have well trodden in this
space-time.  Our history is not limited to the books on paper with words we can see but is engraved
now in space records in time in not just our own dimension but others.  It may sound crazy and if
you do not understand what I'm saying and if you do not feel the truth of my words no explanation
could ever assist you.  However, even that is pure perfection.  We're all so unique with out points
of view and we'll consider to expand our perspectives and perceptions as we expand our hearts and
souls as we journey through this life and into the beyond.  So many gifts have we been presented
with and those gifts are being well used by those entrusted with their care.  Each soul has divine
purpose as they live and breathe here and it's so very beautiful when you come to understand the
frame work within which we work tirelessly day after day.  They are not in vane, our efforts to
understand.  That which we most lend our focus to is what we will time and time again materialize
within our realms of every day experience.  It's a beautiful thing even if sometimes your focus
lingers sometimes over long on any one of the many tragic experiences that occur here.  Each one is
an opportunity and that opportunity will be taken up by each soul that feels the call to activation
deep within his or her soul.

I am infinitely optimistic about the things to come.  Rapid lessons of expansion span the globe in
the collective of souls who come here seeking to go beyond the material and superficial dimensions
of experience.  What you seek, you will ultimately find here in this beautiful dream called life on
planet Earth.  You are assisted by human angels every step of the way and you are surrounded by your brothers and sisters who walk the path incarnate here with you.  In quiet moments, send out your
love and energy to those who are here with you and you'll wait not but one single moment before that
love and energy is returned to affirm and acknowledge you. Step gratefully and breathe gratefully
each and every day here incarnate knowing your life has meaning not only personally but also to the
collective of souls joining you here at this time.  Life itself is beautiful, deeply meaningful and
filled in every moment with a vast and endless supply of love and support.  One need only quiet the
little mind a moment and reach inward in love to meet it.  You are powerful and amazing souls
working your way through this life and should be proud of yourselves in every moment you find the
will and impetus to smile, to appreciate beauty in the simple things and to acknowledge the Source
light within you exists in everything even within each tiny green blade of grass.  Everything
matters, you matter and will continue to prosper in this life just exactly as you have planned.

Continue your days with the grace, hope and faith instilled in your core from the Source and it is
that which will carry you through even those parts of your journey that seem cloaked fully in
darkness.  There will always be those willing to pass the torch of light they hold so that you may
yet find your way. ~I send you great blessings of abundance, joy, hope, light and love beautiful
dreamers.  Happy New Year - 2013 on Planet Earth.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate internet find)

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  1. Happy New Year and much blessings to you Jaie!

    Luv, LGG