Sunday, December 30, 2012

Unknown Serenity

Oh the things I never knew
Strike me like the emptiness
Of the darkest space between the stars
I smile at the peace and simplicity of it
The dramas schemed and played for amusement
I don't find so amusing anymore
I much prefer serenity's grace
The silence of a cool night breeze
The play of light on storm clouds and flower petals
I breathe in the infinite
Despite my lack of coordinates
I know my space in this place in time
Finally now and then again
I dream a dream precisely sweet
It's depth of meaning endless for me
And I'll hold to that for no other reason
Than it plain and simply gives me hope
And a reason to smile a spacy smile
As I gaze up into cerulean blue
The foggy mists within my own mind
Have dissipated in no time
Memories fall from my mind like rain
And I catch them in the fulcrum that is my heart
Ever expanding in love and forgiveness no matter what
No matter what
Into the unknown I shall always gladly traverse
I find it more heartening than the known these days
Courage is it or plain fed up
Doesn't really matter much from where I stand
The end result is the end result
And the impetus for this mental and ethereal meandering
So, resigned I am to it
This life, there's nothing to it
My dreams, I'd best be off to them
For a while now
And after a while I gain some more
Understanding as I close the old and open each new door
Unafraid I will go
Where ever it is my heart guides me

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random but beautiful internet find)

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