Saturday, December 15, 2012

Great Progress

There are a good many reasons, seemingly, to reach out and grab hold of fear waiting, worrying and wondering about what next will be taken from, disrupted or destroyed in your world.  Darkness can come in surprising packages.  A single moment where internal love is completely cut off by despair can create great tragedy in so many ways.  As many good reasons as there may be to fear dear ones, there are even more reasons to stand fearless in your own Source-given love and light.  Nothing in this world is within your control and still  you have no reason to fear.  The attachments of this world are nothing but an illusion created by a fearful small mind.  You never did need the small mind inside of you to grab hold of what truly matters.  Find the love inside of you, remember that wonder and awe from childhood - it's right there next to it - reach for that...remember the most beautiful thing in the world you have ever held in your mind or your heart - the love is right there.  We project so much onto this holographic design and we're so good at it that it looks real and feel real.  When you feel only love, only peace and only joy - you're getting to the truth.  When you are feeling fearful, anxious, disappointed and sad, there is a lie in the mix...there is a skewed perception and perspective just waiting for you to discover it and uncover the truth.  Find what inspires you heart and soul and give more of your  love and attention to that.  Move in tune to the beat of your own heart and in so doing, you shall inspire others to follow suit thus freeing themselves also a little more from the fear machine - the illusion.  ~Great blessings of love, clear vision and deepest understanding beautiful dreamers.  You ARE making GREAT progress.  Keep going.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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