Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Another conversation with a friend this morning gave me inspiration to write this blog post for today, on this special day of peace on Earth and good will towards man.  To go along on this mini journey of today's mental meanderings, I will need for you to forget everything you've ever been taught about right or wrong and the judging of good and evil.  I need you to open your mind and your hearts to consider something you may not, before, have ever allowed yourselves to consider.  In my mental meanderings this morning I have paused to consider whether or not there truly is such a thing as a mistake.  I can almost feel the egos writhing with the mere thought of this.  So, on with my thought...

There is not really such a thing as a mistake.  Consider that the Source of this Omniverse sees all.  Not one thing, not one action or inaction, thought or emotion goes without notice.  We are here for a reason and every act of this dream we participate in occurs for a reason that while might be hard to grasp in a moment of emotion, is ultimately for the good of all involved even if we can't even begin to comprehend how.  Every soul commits themselves to this dream for a reason and all of the scenes and actors will play out their roles for seemingly good or ill.  At times judgment and blame will enter your consciousness when we get angry about the lack of control for something that ultimately seems bad or wrong.  The burden of blame is the heaviest for the holder of blame.  The burden of the need to issue forth shame, guilt and negative judgments is heaviest for those in this world who choose to create that and hold that.  If you knew that all of your encountered experiences in this dream occurred for a perfect reason, you would have no need to separate yourself from your own Source love by picking up the burden of negative judgment and blame or worse yet, vengeance and vindictive thoughts.

Although it will likely be a very huge leap to grasp this concept for most, when you know that everything happens for a reason as every soul's need for an experience dictates, you begin to understand there is no need to carry the burden of blame.  We all want our ideal of good and perfection to play out as we expect it to.  But what if even though things do not play out as you expect or desire, the happenings and lessons learned by all involved are still pristine and perfect?  It is hard to imagine, this I truly understand but although some things are just a terrible seeming struggle for us, we can still attempt to unburden our minds and hearts by setting down blame, judgment and angry thoughts towards others who do not behave as you would have given a specified set of circumstances.  Set your heart free in the knowing that everything in this world does not go unnoticed.  Not one thing is missed or forsaken.  We need not worry ourselves that good will not occur from any set of seemingly negative circumstances.

If you could but see the fullness of any one person's life path and both the messages and lessons a soul brings to others, you would have no need for blame nor judgment.  In some things we must seek to find inspiration to do better and be better in accordance with the dictates of our souls and I do not suggest that folks stand idly by without lending assistance where a soul deems it absolutely necessary.  For even in that need and action, all is perfect.  The point is that living life can sometimes be burden enough without picking up the additional burdens that prevent our true growth and block the true light of love within us.  It is there burning brightly all the time.  It is only when the small voice of the small mind that has need to promote itself by degrading others that we cannot see.  It is, unfortunately, a very human behavior when the small voice from the small mind is so intensely in control.  But, the soul knows the truth and you can always feel the truth by what creates anxiety within or what creates the feeling of love within.  When you embody the feelings and actions of the judger or blamer persona, you are creating disharmony within and would often be better served by questioning why you would create anxiety, disharmony and fear within you rather than finding a more loving, understanding and compassionate approach to things you  may not be in full comprehension of such as the life paths and lesson plans of other souls on this planet.

Consider that at times you do not know the full picture and when you take one thing out of universal context and react to it, you are pulled off balance and you are creating disharmony in such actions for yourself.  You can create a different response to everything before you if you are willing to admit that you do not fully comprehend everything that is happening before you, that you cannot control one single thing in this universe but your actions, thoughts and emotions and that you and your judgments and blame are really just creating opportunities for your own soul to attempt to understand and transcend limiting thoughts.

So, there are no mistakes in this world.  When you begin to see that every soul does the only thing he or she knows how to do in a certain situation, the one thing that occurs is that you begin to include self in this knowing and from this you can allow forgiveness to enter your heart for your own judged mistakes.  Set yourself free of the burden of guilt, shame, remorse and blame for things you didn't know any better than to commit at one point or another in your life.  Stand in your own light today knowing that your every experience brings light and lessons not only to you but to all of those around you.  The construct and design of this dream is perfect, everything you do and see or experience is perfect in accord with your own soul's plan for development and learning here.  Strive, if ever you can, to take that leap from judgment to considering compassion and understanding in ways you are not used to.  In so doing, you set yourself free to love self more, to love and understand others more and to embrace this beautiful dream of your own design with greater understanding, faith, hope and even healing.

Merry Christmas beautiful dreamers.  I pray you find the light in every situation you face and when you sometimes face darkness - before you react, ask for understanding of the light to come to you.  It will come if you open your soul, mind and heart to it.  Blessings for a most beautiful day of peace and love to you all.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo, fortunate internet find)

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