Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Place of Peace

There is a place of peace within us.  It is not easy to find by the untrained mind and not even by a trained one except with the assistance of time.  In this place of peace, there is no desire nor regret, there is nothing you hold out above the rest in this world, all the sounds are beautiful sounds, all the souls are beautiful souls and all of your experiences are just beautiful experiences from which you choose to learn and grow.

When you find this place of peace, the ego does not rule and control you and in fact, has learned to become quite silent relenting to the dictates of the soul and the soul guided the ego there with patience, compassion and understanding.  There is this place of peace where all attacks are understood as egotistical psychodramas and so no injury is ever really issued forth.  There is this place of peace where anger is questioned but love is always accepted.  There is this place of peace that shines an infectious light out into the world and ignites a peaceful and loving flame in the hearts of all the souls it touches.  It's inspiration burns away the need to compete, to be right and to be better and it begins to comprehend truly the oneness of all that is.  It understands truly that when you hurt yourself with thoughts, all are hurt.  It understands truly that when love is given freely to self, all are loved and the rippling effects go on and on from heart to heart and soul to soul. 

There is a place of peace beautiful dreamers and it is right inside the heart of you.  This truth may be buried in years of illusion that slows your thinking and makes you sleepy and sluggish to awaken to it.  But it does not change this truth.  You are the place of peace you seek and the more you get in touch with this space and feel your way to it over and over again, the more you will create and promote it out into this beautiful world.  It has before already been said, "Be the peace you wish to see."  Drink in the beauty of the sentiment behind those words rather than the superficial meaninglessness of the words themselves.  You are infinitely empowered to heal from the delusions of this dream and uncover the truth at every breath and step.  Above all else, you are truly loved.  If you wish to believe in anything in this dream, believe in that and embrace it wholly and fully in every second of every moment in every day of your life.  ~Blessings of peace beautiful dreamers.

(c) Jaie Hart (photo, beautiful random internet find)

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