Saturday, December 8, 2012

Numbers in the Dream

What if numbers are just numbers and days are just days with not one holding any more significance than anything else in this dream that we are dreaming?  It seems we as human beings always need a mystery to solve, something happening to endure or something tragic or wonderful to project our hopes, dreams or even fears onto.  Why, I wonder.  On one hand, I suppose I understand.  As sentient beings our minds might become so bored if we only had the option to look out into this dream scape we have created, interact with the actors we sent invitations out to to engage with us in our dream or to just contemplate the quiet stillness that is the heart of our souls.  I guess it is all in the way you look at things.  I have to be very honest though, I grow very weary of hearing about portals, 12/12 or 12/21 or the end of times or the vibrating out of this dimension.  Really, I do, I'm just being honest and I mean no disrespect to those who hold these things as significant.  I just respectfully disagree as is my choice in t he absence of mallice.  To me, numbers are just numbers and days are just days and portals are those places in time-space where we grab hold fully conscious of our soul-born inspirational sparks and begin a new journey of thought and emotion.  We'd like to think that sci-fi fantasy is real for all but it isn't.  We are collectively part of a larger dream and there are some things that we universally agreed upon within the dream scape or frame work, if you will, but then there are other pieces of that created so uniquely as to be experienced only by those souls who wish to create that - whatever THAT may be on whichever date they wish to experience it. 

While all of the natural cycles and circles that are all part of the physical framework we have projected our focus within swirl, as always they do, grab hold of the heart of your soul. It is there and only there that the truth of light and love will resonate deepest within you. If there is one ounce of anxiety - there is a lie in the mix.  If there is truly only love then your soul will resonate with the truth.  In great love and infinite light do I wish you all a peaceful, rational and beautiful journey through this amazing dream we call life.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo random internet find - and oh my goodness you should have a look at what comes up in a google image search on 12/21/12).  ~ PEACE

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