Friday, October 17, 2008

Right Here and Right Now

I don’t understand
This compelling and yet nebulous desire
I wish I could, I think of it often

You appeared before me
A fork in the road
I wondered if I should diverge from my path

I contemplated
Most hesitantly
And followed some internal urging

I did not realize
What I had found
I did not realize the universe had brought me a friend

It was something I wanted
Definitely something I needed
But this path although seemingly similar, is not familiar at all

I wonder at such thoughts
I wish I could know the unknowable
What the universe has in store; what lessons must be learned here

I think that I think too much
Maybe that’s the point
Maybe that’s where I stop…right here and right now and not think

Notice instead
The experience delightful
The time delicious and feelings enchanting

But the fear does dwell
When taking paths unknown
When traveling where one has not traveled in some manner before

I’ve done quite enough thinking
And shall move ever forward
For good or ill and I will learn as I should

And if nothing else
I will have something I didn’t have before
A special friend, new and different, who means a lot to me

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