Friday, October 10, 2008

New Thought? I Think Not.

An interesting thought popped into my head seemingly at random today. The thought was just this: We are merely the culmination of all of the words we’ve read and heard, the mannerisms we’ve seen in others and the feelings that we’ve observed in others. We think we are so unique at times, searching to be special or maybe seeking to stand out. But, how do we do that when every profound thought we think we own is really just a collection of all the thoughts we’ve been exposed to from others.

Then, another thought struck, in a sense that means we have just one other way that we are all connected. We build off of each other, we feed off of each other and if we’re really aware, we realize that there is energy to all of this. From a simple perspective, to the extent you’ve picked up someone’s mannerism and make it their own, maybe you’re giving that person an energy compliment. I know that in human interaction in mere conversation there is an unseen exchange of energy. James Redfield writes about this in his book, The Celestine Prophecy. You know when this is happening by the “flow” of conversation between members of the group and you know from experience that the flow is stunted only when someone is trying to take energy away via the ego. Its interesting stuff and I’d recommend James Redfield’s book strongly.

I don’t think the concept he conveys is all that wild or extraordinary…when I read it at first I thought, "Yeah, duh!" We either gel and flow in conversation or we don’t. The more I read about psychology and environmental development I learned how much the ego has a say in whether such group interactions promote the flow of energy or stop it. You can think this is all just crazy talk if you want and it’s entirely likely this thought is not my own at all but rather a culmination of all the hundreds and hundreds of books that I’ve read and connected with, experienced, etc.

Then, another thought occurred. Each time we are presented with the sum of someone else’s experience, we do tend to add something to it, maybe our experience, psychology and environmental development was so different that we have a different spin on the concepts we’re articulating in a string of thought or conversation. I know that is what occurs and we make each string our own, we put our name on it and call it ours. It’s not though. It seems to me there really can’t be any original thought sometimes. Like the world began with one idea and that idea became a seed that sprouted many trees bearing different fruit. Then, everything else came as a result of some serious cross-pollination.

I write a lot because I always have thoughts flowing and swirling…but you know, I have read an awful lot in the last twenty years. Maybe I’m still processing all of those words and concepts and end up feeling like I’ve been struck by an epiphany when all I’m doing is connecting similar concepts articulated by other folks that have all been struck by epiphanies. I’m thinking now of the old Breck Shampoo commercials…”So tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on and so on…” (I'm laughing quietly to myself). None of this stuff really matters, just random thoughts and observations about how we feel like we’re all separate and different when the truth is, and we’re really connected in so many ways. This line of thought I’ve outlined above is really just one of the obvious ones. I’ll write more about empaths another time…another way we’re all connected.

So, get out there and think some really big thoughts and then go out and share them with someone. Who knows what good can come from it if you keep it thoughtful, positive and sincere.


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