Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tools At Your Disposal

Sipping hot coffee in the coolness of morning gently begins to awaken my senses.  It was just hours ago I sat in this very same spot, looking up at the sky just like now.  I was watching the stars when I caught a glimpse of a tiny satellite moving across the night sky.  I then felt like that tiny satellite moving through space and time among the stars but not of them, looking similar but so very different and then I wondered what it was like orbiting way up there.  A cool breeze blows and begins to dissipate this heavy feeling in my soul.  There are just those times in life we must feel our way through things and situations instead of using only the limited tool of thinking.  Unfortunately, the ego can often render the “thinking” tool wholly ineffective.   If we become too emotional in our thoughts and those thoughts begin to generate stronger emotions, we cut ourselves off from two other very important tools that really help us understand people and events in this world.  Aside from thoughts and emotion, the soul and spirit are also speaking and listening with every interaction with anyone and anything in this life.  When we take in information with the mind only and are caught up in our own emotions, we’re only getting half the story at best and missing key things at worst!

We’re not taught these things as we grow.  We’ll notice at times when we feel strangely at odds with a person or situation.  When what you are sensing with the spirit and soul (which you are all the time whether you are aware or not) and you are feeling at odds with what the body and mind are picking up on or even have the mind and the body at odds with its sensing, you’re in trouble from the perspective of getting to the truth of whatever it is you may be facing.  The only answer really is to get very quiet, stop all input and just breathe feeling your way through it and noticing the images, the feelings and the knowings that come to you while you create the stillness.  It sometimes takes quite a long time to derive the truth and be certain that you’ve found it and it isn’t enough to think you’ve found it.  You have to test all of your assumptions and determine which ones are certain versus those simply born of fear and worry.  Those two things can be deadly to a soul because we think we can trust the thoughts inside of our own heads.  You can eventually trust the thoughts inside of your head but only when you’ve spent enough time to truly know yourself and understand what is you versus what is the ego-control system taking over your thoughts.

The ego isn’t bad or wrong.  I’ve written about this so many times.  The ego has it’s purpose; an inherent challenge within us all.  But it doesn’t always know the truth about you or any other individual or thing on this planet.  You see the ego, all by itself, cannot comprehend the other languages and derive the truth on its own.  That is beyond it’s capability.  The ego questions, compares, judges and persecutes you and others over and over again until you get tired of its ridiculous rantings and tell it quite frankly, to shut up.  The soul can speak and understand so much more that the ego.  Realize within you lies an entire arsenal of tools to help you take in and process information in this place.  You just have to know which tool has been engaged.  Sometimes these tools become unwittingly engaged in reaction. 

The first up on deck will always be the fearful, worrisome ego.  If the ego fails us, then the body begins to speak with either malaise of some kind, anxiety or even specific body systems being triggered for pain or illness.  If that system fails to get your attention, the soul kicks in and drives deeper urgings you may not understand but your visions and dreams may begin to speak to you.  If this system fails to catch your attention, the spirit steps in and urges you to seek out (if even unknowingly) people and situations that will help you exorcise your “demons” so-to-speak.  It’s a beautiful system.  But if you don’t understand how the different system’s alarms go off, you may become reactionary and that’s a bit of a negative space.

So, you live inside a body with a mind, and emotional system, soul and spirit.  You have all kinds of tools at your disposal to take in and process information and experiences in this life.  You can move along as if floating merrily down the stream of life or you can seek to understand the currents, the tides and the various bends in the stream and even where it will let you out at – perhaps a vast and beautiful ocean underneath a pink sky with a golden sun that fills you with love and light.  Who knows where you’ll go but the vehicle and its design is perfect and the things you face in life are also perfect.  Become aware, very aware of everything within you and around you and smile knowing what a miracle you are in this miraculous and amazing place.  ~Blessings of love and infinite light dearest souls.

(c) 2012, Jaie Hart (photo, random beautiful internet find).

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