Wednesday, April 4, 2012

See the Truth of Words Spoken

We have all been all things, so why do we wince when someone’s experience of us is expressed in the negative?  Do we think ourselves victims?  We are never that no matter what our emotions and egotistical thoughts tell us.  We live and breathe, we choose and think—we act as our lessons dictate.  In the core of your soul is light and love.  In the core of would-be attackers, therein usually lies the same – a soul of light and love.  Let not the words they use deter you or disguise them from who and what they truly are.  Judgment and blame is as old as time, a trick of the ego to make itself feel whole.  Don’t listen to it and don’t give in to its urgings to feel victimized.  We all wish to have a good day and not have it wrecked by harmful seeming words from others.  But are those words truly harmful?  Are not those harsh words spoken to you truths about the speaker him or herself?  There are none of us innocent of everything.  There are none of us guilty without reason.  We live and we learn until we truly understand the nature of existence…our own and that of others.  Choose compassion and love and let the words go by seeing the truth in the light of pure love!  ~Blessings of love and light dear souls.
(c) 2012, Jaie Hart - inspired by many conversations with a dear soul to me, Ron Berry.  This photo is not mine, it is a beautiful random internet find).

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