Friday, April 6, 2012

To Thine Own Self Be True

To thine own self be true-- simple words with an entire universe of incredibly meaningful sentiment.  But unless you learn to know yourself, you could be merely acting and working to satisfy a wounded ego.  That’s where we literally fall off the path and squander our efforts in chasing shadows that bring us next to nothing of real and lasting importance.  It is of extreme importance in this life to find out who you truly are and not remain for any time satisfied with what family, society or anyone else in existence outside of you has made you believe you are.  People can only ever experience a tiny portion of who we truly are.  Imagine, if you will, that each of us represents a circle of 360 degrees.  Each person we encounter (most any way – I am aware of some very rare and wonderful exceptions) can only experience one or two degrees of us depending upon the part of the circle of their own existence in which they are operating.  Within that circle is every aspect of every personality because indeed, we all can be and have been everything under the sun in this life (and potentially, many others).  So, one person can experience another and walk away with nothing but happy thoughts and good long-lasting impressions.  But those impressions cannot represent the whole of the other person who’s circle of existence includes all personality aspects.  Another person could experience nothing but negativity from that same soul.  But those impressions cannot represent the whole of the other person who’s circle of existence includes all personality aspects.  Everything is a matter of perspective and one person’s experience of another does not in any way represent a definitive truth of the whole of another.

We think that our thoughts are the truth because they come from inside of us.  What we fail often to understand is that our thoughts can only ever represent provisional truths because our perspectives are skewed by the filters of our life lessons.  If we experience mostly fear and pain, our perspectives will likely be skewed until we become ready to discover the purpose of the life lessons we have learned.  It can be done, this change in perspective it takes intent, commitment, effort and keen understanding.  If we learn to understand how our perspectives are shaped, how our thoughts stem from our perspectives and then begin to look at the world, judgment can be shaken in that we begin to realize our judgment can only ever be impaired because we are wounded.  Take an individual who has had many  mixed alcoholic drinks weighs heavility eventually upon his mind and his senses.  Can that person’s perspective be taken as truth?  He describes what he sees and the world may seem to be spinning wildly and people may seem to be more intensified than anyone else experiences but is it true to anyone else but him?  He suffers the affects of chemicals which have changed his perspectives.  When the chemicals wear off, his perspective will change.  It’s the same with pain and the negative affects of some life lessons.  Painful things will skew our perspectives but when the effects of painful events wear off, our perspectives change.

I have begun to believe that my thoughts alone about anything cannot be trusted as fact.  I am aware that I continue to suffer the effects of various painful life experiences.  I know that at some point the effects will wear off and my perspectives will eventually return more in line with the truth.  Until then, I do have tools to use to guide me.  It’s not easy to learn them but if you are open to seeing the real truth, you can learn these things too.  But first, you really have to begin to know who you really are and one of the best ways to get there is spending quiet time meditating and connecting with nature.  Now , you can call that approach just too “new-agey” to be of any value and that judgment will sadly leave you trapped where ever it is you are.  As the old axiom states, “silence is golden.”  Through silencing our mind and our thoughts in silence we can learn to feel who we really are.  Getting to understand what this subtle sensation feels like is key to developing the tools needed to tell if something is true or not true.  You can feel within your body whether something is true and each soul will feel it differently.  There are various places that can readily become active with different sensations felt when we are trying to discern the truth.  For me personally, the center of my stomach registers whether something is true (positive and comfortable sensations) versus whether something is untrue (anxiety, tightening and twisting  sensations).  For some the heart center may be triggered.  In some situations the surface of the entirety of my skin will register whether something is true or not true.  These tools are important if truly wish to get to know myself and you can learn them if this concept resonates with you.  The reason this is so important (to learn the truth about us and existence) is that the ego generates very elaborate and thoughtful lies for us to take at face value.  If we don’t question these thoughts, we will never know who we really are or what life is really about.  We will only ever believe what the world has told us about us and as long as we believe the lies, we will only ever create more experiences to reinforce what is not true and what is unreal.

So think a moment, “to thine own self be true.”  Who are you and what is true about you?  What is the real truth behind your experiences?  How can you be true to yourself until you find out? This simple concept can be extrapolated across everything in your existence to help you learn and grow.  From this place of thought, you can go to any place within your 360 degree circle of existence and operate and find the truth being spoken inside your own head and expressed to you from others.  Now, with this entire article I’m just sharing my thoughts.  That is what I do.  I know that I am learning the truth about my existence and the existence of others.  That is my intent and so it will be.  I have come to this world to learn the truth and help others to find it and experience it so they can free themselves from the jaded perspectives that keep them mired in the superficial negativity of this world.  We all experience it from time to time but we don’t have to stay there.  There are ways to learn about you, understand your perspectives and change your life for the better.  Life is an amazing experience.  Understand the truth about you and find the love inside.  When you find that, you will experience a new world with new inhabitants and more light that you could ever possibly imagine.  Enough of my  morning ramblings.  I need more coffee, it is early yet and dark still in my corner of the world.  I hope you have an easy and yet amazing Friday and weekend dear souls.  Have fun, look for the truth and then, TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE! J
(c) Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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