Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Truth Shatters Illusion

There are times that we can “hear” words but we cannot “feel” them.  The words sound good, logical and right but essentially result in wasted effort on the part of a speaker/teacher until a soul/student is willing to feel the truth deep within the core of their own soul.  I look at a string of troubling situations for me in a whole new light today.  Protecting the free will of others involved, I will not divulge specifics but it comes down to this, for me:  From the darkest shadows within my soul I have created my deepest fears manifest in every single soul that has left me feeling hopeless, cheated, worthless, ignorant and completely unworthy of love, honor, honesty and respect for all of my life in this incarnation as well as others.  I created every situation, every single word and every single emotion.  I once viewed these events as if others were tearing me apart.  The truth is, I had to tear myself apart to come to a much greater understanding of who I was and who I was not.  I have been hopeless.   I have rendered myself worthless.  I have acted ignorantly and unworthy of love.  In my own thoughts and in my own creations have I deemed myself dishonorable, dishonest and unworthy of respect.  Such painful things have I created to find the depths of the truth within my own soul.  What I created was unreal and the place I created these things unconsciously from is also unreal.

Conversely, every person in this world who affirmed me, who supported me, who rescued me and who loved me, I also created.  I created from a place inside of me that remembers the truth about creation and how to create period.  There is no bad or wrong in creation and, so, the resulting emotions both positive and negative are created by me.  Having said that, it took the cooperation of many souls to learn these lessons with me.  They too had something meaningful to learn and so created in me their deepest darkest fears or their greatest affirmation.  It is all illusion.  No one and nothing from the outside world shapes who we are.  We are pure consciousness and can manifest our experiences more in line with the truth of who we are and when we discover this, we change our vibration and so the invitations our souls send out routinely for exercise also changes and a different wave of souls enters our sphere of awareness to cooperate with us to create magic or madness together.  Don’t forget for a single moment the cooperative creation that goes on.  With this line of thinking it is not hard to find proof positive that there truly are no victims and no villains in existence.  There are no saviors nor rescuers really either.  We create them for an experience.  Our experiences shape our minds and influence our ability to continue to create.

However, until we recognize in a rare moment of pure clarity that all are representations only of the true state of our own conscious growth we are lost in the play instead of realizing we both write and direct it.  For every single soul on this planet who cooperated in exercising my pain and anguish or my joy and happiness, from the depths of my soul, I thank you and my God himself bless you with great love and abundance.  My gratitude runs so deep this morning I am moved to tears.  They are neither tears of sadness nor tears of pain.  The tears are my release of the illusions I have so long held.  And so, now, with realization pulsing through my veins I have been offered a challenge great--The biggest challenge of all of my lives.  That challenge is to see people and this world not from the perspective of my own illusions but to see the souls and this world for what it truly is.  Souls are cooperative messengers and teachers ultimately filled with the greatest of love and none are so minimized that they do not deserve great love and respect for the cooperative roles they have agreed to play.  This world, this world is one of the hardest and yet most beautiful schools there is.

In truth, there is freedom.  In illusion, we create prisons.  The next time you feel the urge to judge, to blame or to label, it is a message from your own soul to look deeper for the truth.  The truth is in there.  The truth is in all of us all the time.  We just choose to see or not to see as our limited experiences dictate.  It will be hard to fight the traps of my own designs but never impossible as I set my intent clearly towards compassion and love for all and the light to shine always even on seemingly dark paths in order that the real and definitive truths are illuminated.  I pray that every single soul in existence comes home to themselves and comes home to the truth.  It is not an easy path but it is one worthy of every effort you can muster to find. ~In deepest love and infinite light, may your journey lead you to the truth.

(c) 2012 (photo, random internet find)

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