Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lessons and Dreams

I walked the beach last night in silence.  I watched the sun cast opalescent rays across the sky and send ripples of light dancing in a perfect chorus line from where it was sinking low on the horizon to where I was observing completely captivated.  It was beyond mere mortal words to behold but the simplest word I can grasp is beautiful.  The breeze was gusting so hard I was grateful for a moment standing at the rail of the cliffs as it gave me something strong and sturdy to hold on to.  I stood frozen there for the longest time in pure silence, motionless except for a bit of buffeting by post storm gusty winds.  I lost myself in the light and tides, seeking solace and escape into nature’s sheer and amazing raw natural power.  It was that my soul most needed.

Some lessons come easy but most of the important ones come hard, through blood, sweat and tears.  Its just the truth of the matter and the truth, well, that’s what the lessons are all about in life.  The truth sometimes wells from deep within your core and tears are the empirical evidence of your time spent in earnest study.  The soul sometimes needs a moment of silence to pause and release, to understand and grasp true inner knowing and the real purpose of life lessons.  Sometimes the only thing a soul has left to do is to stand in their own light. Standing in your own light isn’t always the easiest thing to do and sometimes it means decisions must be made despite unintended consequences.  Speaking and thinking honestly and with the highest integrity at such times is the only way through and just praying for some level of understanding for all involved is the only action a soul can take.  I find myself in such a place.  It’s a hard place to stand but it is no less beautiful underneath than this golden light spilling down to Earth and etching everything in ethereal golden lines and creating defining shadows.

As I stand here I realize that it isn’t just my heart that aches, it’s my soul that seems to ache.  There is not much I can do about it but to be aware of it and feel my way through it.  There are many things I have learned in this life but none more valuable than the ability to feel my way through the darkness of pain to the light of pure love and understanding.  It’s there if you but trust you’ll make your way to it and when you do it’s like finding pure sunlight after storm clouds clear...its like breathing again after holding your breath for a little too long.  I pause again stopping all thoughts and breathing in this scene before me, breathing in this lesson and dream of late. I come back again and resume my thoughts.  And, so, I decide to go on walking this shoreline alone awaiting the twinkling stars.  I have wishes to make and dreams to create.  Blessings of higher love and light to all.

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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